DENEYAP Practice Exam will be held simultaneously in 42 cities on October 1st

DENEYAP Application Exam will be held simultaneously in October in the province
DENEYAP Practice Exam will be held simultaneously in 42 cities on October 1st

The DENEYAP Turkey Project was implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Technology, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, TÜBİTAK and the Turkish Technology Team Foundation. The DENEYAP student selection exam process continues with the practice exam to be held within the scope of the 4th phase. DENEYAP Practice Exam, which is the second stage for candidates who successfully pass the first stage, will be held simultaneously in 42 provinces on October 1, 2022.


A total of 58 thousand 14 candidates, 988 thousand 6 of whom are secondary schools and 785 thousand 21 high schools, will enter the exam, which will be held in 773 different centers in all provinces, including Istanbul. According to the results of the exam, 21 thousand 773 students out of 8 thousand 223 candidates will be entitled to receive training at DENEYAP Technology Workshops.


Candidates who have completed the first stage in the student selection exam process of DENEYAP Workshops and qualified for the second stage exam will design a project that will reveal their original ideas and use their technical knowledge with the material kit given in line with the theme presented to them in this exam.


In the practice exam, whose theme this year is "Environmentally Friendly Cargo Ship", the candidates will ensure that the ship they will design in the time given to them will carry cargo to the determined destination. Projects completed at the end of the two-hour period will be presented to the members of the jury to be evaluated according to certain criteria. The projects of the students will also be evaluated by the members of the jury in terms of various skills such as self-expression, original thinking, innovation, and knowledge about the subject. The exam will be held between 08.00-13.00 for high school student candidates, and between 13.30-18.00 for secondary school students.


DENEYAP Technology Workshops, which raise the technology stars of the future, achieved an important success by completing the target of establishing 1 workshops in 12 provinces under the 2st phase, 18 provinces in the 3nd phase, 27 provinces in the 4rd phase, and 24 provinces in the 81th phase, in total in 100 provinces. . A total of 81 thousand candidate students applied for the student selection exam of DENEYAP Technology Workshops, which continues to train young individuals with high technology production competence in 410 provinces of Turkey.


With the completion of the 4th phase process, the number of 1 thousand students receiving active training in the workshops within the scope of the 2st, 3nd and 12rd phases will increase to 20 thousand. In DENEYAP Technology Workshops, which will provide simultaneous education to 20 thousand students with workshops opened all over Turkey, 15 thousand 280 students are under the DENEYAP Turkey project, 1.940 students are under the Science Turkey project that implements DENEYAP training programs, and 2 thousand 10 students are under the T3 Foundation DENEYAP Technology Workshops. will have been trained.

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