Derince Wellness Park Aerial Viewed

Derince Healthy Life Park Viewed From Aerial
Derince Wellness Park Aerial Viewed

The Healthy Life Park, which was designed in the area of ​​Derince former Military Hospital, was viewed from the air by the instruction of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Büyükakın. The park, which was built on an area of ​​45 decares, will be a place where the residents of the city can have a good time when it is completed. In the carefully planned project, sensory therapy areas, a street fitness area for children, a children's adventure park, a sensory playground that supports cognitive intelligence and many interesting areas will be built.


Within the scope of the project, the teams have largely completed the perimeter wall of the park. While the steel fabrication of the tennis and basketball courts was being made, wire fences were drawn around them. After the lines of the fields where the floor productions are made, their production will be completed. The carpet of the football field will be laid after the last layer of crushed stone is thrown while the steel production is being done.


Within the scope of the project, the rough construction of the cafeteria, prayer room, toilet and sports administrative building has been completed. While the roof productions were completed at a rate of 70 percent, the steel construction of the 180 square meter cafeteria was made. In a short time, the internal fabrication of the building will begin. Again, the concrete of the 700 square meter terrace area in front of the cafeteria building has been laid, and its coating will begin.


Within the scope of the works, the rough production of the 150 square meter sports fields administrative building was completed, and the interior productions were started. As the lean concrete of the walking paths within the scope of the project is laid, the production of coating will begin. The granite and basalate cubestone productions of the intermediate walking paths in the park have been completed to a large extent.


While the border production of the plant beds of the phytotherapy area was carried out, the border productions of the rose garden and reflexology areas were completed. Work continues on children's play and fitness areas. In this context, 1100 square meters of children's playground, 550 square meters of fitness areas and sensory areas are concreted, while metal braces are manufactured at the perimeter.


On the other hand, infrastructure work continues. While the rain water and wastewater infrastructure manufacturing was carried out, the erection of the electricity poles was started. While the ground concrete of the area planned as a square within the scope of the project was poured, the infrastructures of the dry pools were built and their concrete was poured. While the bicycle path surrounding the park was started, approximately 300 meters of production was made. Soil reinforcement is made in the regions where hard floor productions are completed.


When the Wellness Park project is completed, there will be areas suitable for sensory therapy methods, a 900 square meter rose garden for the sense of smell, music for the sense of hearing, a water pool, a water mirror and birdhouses, as well as areas for the sounds of birds that will nest in the park.


The Healthy Life Park consists of phytotherapy area and fruit trees for the sense of taste, reflexology area for the sense of touch, structural and herbal materials used for the sense of sight; By paying attention to the harmony of lines, shapes, colors and textures, it will be a place that gives pleasure to the citizens with areas suitable for use of space, a street fitness area, a children's adventure park, a sensory playground that supports cognitive intelligence, and resting areas.

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