Cultural Heritage Guardians Pilot Event Launched in Antalya

Cultural Heritage Guardians Pilot Event Launched in Antalya
Cultural Heritage Guardians Pilot Event Launched in Antalya

Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy attended the introductory meeting of the Cultural Heritage Protectors Project, which they started to pilot in Antalya with the Ministry of National Education to raise awareness at an early age for the protection of Turkey's cultural heritage.

Minister Ersoy, who visited the children in their classes before the promotional event held with the participation of Antalya Governor Ersin Yazıcı at Banu-Ufuk Cömertoğlu Primary School in Aksu district of Antalya, talked to the students. sohbet he did. Minister Ersoy also attended the lecture where the Cultural Heritage Protectors Project was explained to children.

Minister Ersoy, in a statement later on, said that they came together for the pilot implementation of Turkey's cultural protectors program in Antalya.

Stating that there are cultural assets all over Anatolia and that Turkey has a valuable treasure, Minister Ersoy said, “To protect this treasure, it is only possible with education given to our students at a young age. Because the treasures found so far are not even 10 percent of the total capacity. Many of them are underground or spread to various points of Anatolia.” said.

Minister Ersoy pointed out that by educating young children and young people, the protection of cultural assets and treasures and their transfer to future generations will be ensured,

“In this context, our expert friends in our Antalya Museum, Alanya, Side Demre Museums were given drama training at the State Theatres, and then schools close to archaeological sites such as Antalya, Side, Perge, Syedra, Myra were selected and cultural heritage protectors training was started to be offered to the students here.” he said.

Stating that 41 students were reached in 2 schools in the first stage, Minister Ersoy said:

“Our goal by the end of the year is to reach 10 thousand students. It is an enjoyable education for students. Since it is given in the form of a game, we also ensure that they remain in their memory, both as a lesson and as a game. We give an identity card and badge to our student friends who take this program. We give the relevant notebooks and books. And we do this with video training and animation programs. We have two animated characters, Defne and Çınar. Our expert friends complete these trainings with the words of Defne and Çınar.”

Minister Ersoy stated that the goal is to spread this project throughout Turkey with the Ministry of National Education after this year.

Emphasizing that the ultimate goal is to protect cultural assets from the moment they are discovered, to display the preserved artifacts and to transmit them to future generations, Ersoy said, “This is our most important debt to future generations. Those who will do this are our young people who receive this training from a young age.” said.

After his speech, Minister Ersoy asked the children if they were satisfied with the education. After the children answered “Yes”, Minister Ersoy said, “Are we all together now as cultural heritage protectors? What are we doing from this month? First, we will go to museums and get to know our cultural assets.” used the phrases.

Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy wanted the children who received this education to set an example for their other friends.

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