Climate Change Action Plan Introduced

Climate Change Action Plan Introduced
Climate Change Action Plan Introduced

The Climate Change Action Plan was introduced to the public at the meeting held at the Board of Education and Discipline Conference Hall with the participation of Deputy Ministers of National Education Petek Aşkar, Sadri Şensoy and Nazif Yılmaz.

Speaking at the Climate Change Action Plan Promotion Program, Deputy Minister of National Education Petek Aşkar; Stating that academic studies, reports and news reflected in the media show that the ecosystem in the world is in danger, he said, “According to the latest research by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), we have less than 11 years to prevent the worst effects of climate change and make the necessary transformation. there is. Time is working against us. For example, to prevent global warming from rising above 1,5 degrees Celsius, the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will need to be reduced by 2030 percent by 45.” said.

Underlining that education has a special role in the solution of mass problems, Aşkar said: “The main purpose of environmental education, which our Ministry also places great emphasis on, is to encourage pro-environmental behaviors. Environmentally conscious students are aware of the problems. This awareness helps them act with a stronger sense of responsibility on issues such as the climate crisis and sustainable development. In order for the sense of responsibility to be activated, it is important that the ecological thinking skill is established first.”

Stating that the data obtained from the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) are promising, Aşkar said, “In 2018, an average of 78% of students across OECD countries agreed that it is important for them to be responsible for the global environment, while 79% of them agreed that climate change and He said that they know about global warming.” used his statements.

Petek Aşkar, who stated that the action plan workshop held in March helped to see old experiences, reveal new opportunities and determine priorities, said, “With all our units, especially our General Directorate of Support Services, General Directorate of Secondary Education, General Directorate of Basic Education, and our valuable advisors, the issue has been addressed with great seriousness. handled with enthusiasm. Many thanks to everyone who contributed. This workshop has had eye-opening results in terms of both supporting existing studies and providing us with new ways of thinking. In this sense, we now know better what to do and what not to do from a broad perspective, from curriculum to awareness studies, from disasters to environment and public health, and creative issues of recycling.

The process has started to work in our favor with 1.000 environmentally friendly schools, examples of libraries made from zero waste, climate workshops, climate dictionary, curriculum update and reinforcement works, and many activities that I can hardly count here.” he said.

Aşkar stated that the new term projects carried out with experienced academics and experts in the field are focused on updating programs within the scope of environment and climate change, improving material and awareness and strengthening physical capacity.

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