Breathtaking Exercise in Bursa Metro

Breathtaking Exercise in Bursa Metro
Breathtaking Exercise in Bursa Metro

The fire drill carried out in a wagon on the Bursaray line, which forms the backbone of public transportation in Bursa, did not look like the truth. In the exercise, which was carried out with the participation of the Fire Brigade, AFAD and UMKE teams, the fire was extinguished in a short time, and the evacuation of the injured was carried out successfully.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, on the one hand, takes steps to increase comfort in public transportation vehicles, especially the rail system, on the other hand, it tries to avoid possible accidents with the least damage in order to maximize passenger safety. In this context, a fire drill was held on the rail system line, which draws the greatest load in urban public transportation. In the drill held at 02.00:2 at night, a fire broke out in the "tunnel between Osmangazi Station and Şehreküstü Stations" in the subway, which makes the University - Arabayatağı expedition as per the scenario. While the wagon was out of service due to the fire, the boat immediately contacted the center and reported the situation. The Metropolitan Municipality fire brigade, AFAD and UMKE teams, which took action upon the news, came to the point where the nearest escape gallery was located. After the electricity was cut off on the line, firefighters started the fire extinguishing work. AFAD and UMKE teams took the 4 injured, XNUMX of them seriously, out of the wagon on a stretcher.

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Muhammed Emin Tarım, Head of the Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade Department, who watched the successfully completed exercise on-site, noted that fire in the metro lines is not a common situation, but it is an event that can have bad consequences when it happens. For this reason, Tarım stated that they make preparations for possible subway fires and accidents with such drills at least once a year, “In this way, we see the situation on the line and experience the fire response process with the practice of the rescue teams. "We had a successful exercise," he said.

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