Attention to Frequent Stiffness of the Neck!

Beware of Frequent Neck Stiffness
Attention to Frequent Stiffness of the Neck!

Neurosurgery Specialist Op.Dr.Mustafa Örnek gave important information about the subject. The most mobile part of the spine is the neck. Neck pain is common due to excessive use due to excessive movement and injuries that may occur in daily life. Frequent neck stiffness is one of the first symptoms of neck hernia in the initial state. Especially if neck stiffness occurs without being exposed to any factors and without any force, the cause of neck hernia may be.

Neck hernia occurs as a result of straining the spine, accidents, traumas, or the protrusion of the soft part in the middle of the cartilage disc located between the vertebrae by tearing the layers around it with advancing age. If the pain is in the neck, back, shoulders and shoulder blades, it means that the hernia has formed in the middle part. If the hernia has occurred in the side, the person will present with numbness in the hand, pain and tingling in the arm, and a feeling of weakness in the arm. Neck hernia is a health problem that negatively affects the daily age of people.

Neck hernia can be seen in any age group, but it is mostly common in the middle age group. Smoking, working at a desk for a long time, carrying heavy loads, using a mobile phone for a long time, looking at the screen for a long time while bending the neck, stress, sedentary life and sports that put a load on the spine are the factors that predispose to neck hernia.

In the diagnosis of the disease, the patient's history, physical examination, x-ray, magnetic resonance, computerized tomography are mostly used. In some cases, nerve examinations called EMG (electromyography) are used.

Op.Dr.Mustafa Örnek said, “With the developing technology, neck hernia treatment has become very comfortable. Microsurgery method provides satisfactory results in the treatment of neck hernia. Microsurgery, which is applied with a very small incision, is a surgical technique in which detailed images can be obtained through a microscope. Recovery time is much faster due to the very small incision. In the microsurgery technique, a very small incision is made on the damaged area. The surgery is performed from a small area. A very large microscope in the operating room is used to provide detailed and comfortable imaging. Obtaining a clear and detailed image minimizes the risk of injury and damage to vital tissues for the patient.” said.

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