Attention to Crooked Tooth Problem!

Attention to Carpik Tooth Problem
Attention to Crooked Tooth Problem!

Orthodontist Specialist Associate Professor Erol Akın gave important information about the subject. Teeth are very important not only visually, but also for the general health of the body. Crooked teeth cannot be cleaned sufficiently by brushing, and accordingly, due to the bacterial plaque accumulated on the teeth, tartar formation, caries and gum problems occur.

Tooth crooked teeth are called crooked / crooked, not in a straight row overlapping each other. They cause problems both visually and in terms of function. Uneven, overlapping teeth cause loss of self-confidence in people because they affect the smile negatively.

Crooked teeth cause chewing and speech disorders, improper closure of the lower and upper jaws, and alignment abnormalities in the teeth. As a result of crowding in the teeth and disorders in the relationship between the jaws, the jaw joint is overloaded. In this case, the joint problems that are difficult to treat, bruxism (teeth grinding), gingival recession, and the inability to brush effectively cause a stained and dark appearance. meltdowns may occur.

crooked teeth; It may occur due to factors such as genetic predisposition, thumb sucking, early primary tooth extraction, caries whose treatment is delayed, genetically missing or excess teeth, and excess milk teeth that have not fallen out.

What is the treatment for crooked teeth?

Prof. Dr. Erol Akın said, “In the treatment of crooked teeth, the cause should be determined first and the cause should be eliminated. Deciduous teeth and excess teeth that have not fallen out when they should be removed should be removed from the mouth. Teeth can be straightened and aligned with transparent plaques. In some conditions, porcelain applications can be made in addition to orthodontic treatment. Most importantly, the treatment of crooked teeth should be planned individually and according to the situation, and should be treated as the doctor deems appropriate.

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