President İmamoğlu Announced the Reason of the Metrobus Accident

President Imamoglu Explained the Reason of Metrobus Accident
President İmamoğlu Announced the Reason of the Metrobus Accident

📩 12/04/2023 08:00

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlureported that the accident involving 4 metrobuses in Avcılar was caused by the driver fainting while cruising, and 117 people were injured in the accident. İmamoğlu announced that an investigation has been launched into the accident. The moments when the metrobus driver got sick were reflected in the security cameras.

Reminding that there was an unfortunate accident yesterday, İmamoğlu said, “We experienced a process that we never wanted. We have wounded. God forbid and God forbid, we did not lose any life, thank God. Yesterday at around 18.30, at the peak time, more than 100 thousand people are traveling at that peak time, and an accident occurred on our metrobus lines here. Two metrobuses collided head-on. Let me state that this accident, which occurred at 18.30, was once again opened to traffic with the rapid intervention of our teams in about two hours. It emerges from the recordings of the accident and the images and sound recording we obtained; I would like to express that the driver passed out by screaming, 'I'm feeling bad, call an ambulance' and that the steering wheel of the bus slipped towards the side lane, causing a head-on collision. Nearly 117 people were referred to the hospital. But many of them were referred for outpatient treatment. As of now, I can say that just over 10 of our patients are staying in the hospital to be treated. All others were sent home. Only two of our patients were operated. Both of these are our drivers. In fact, the situation of one of them was handled very critically, but I would like to express that it was resolved in a milder way. In fact, we have experienced drivers. For example, this is our driver who got sick, he entered 2006. We are an experienced driver who has been working on the metrobus line in our Metropolitan Municipality since 2012.”

Noting that all citizens injured in the accident are entrusted to them, İmamoğlu said, “I would like to state that we are interested in the health of each and every one from the first moment, from getting them to their homes, until they reach their needs. I also visited our citizens in hospitals. I conveyed my best wishes and that we are always by your side. As of this morning, no one or any of my fellow citizens should have any doubts that we have started an investigation of the Inspection Boards of our Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, with the instruction of both our municipality and IETT, and that if there is any negligence or a fault, I will take the necessary administrative measures in this regard, regardless of their position.” said.

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