Arslantepe Open Air Museum

Arslantepe Open Air Museum
Arslantepe Open Air Museum

Arslantepe Mound, which entered the UNESCO World Permanent Cultural Heritage List in 2021, is located 6 kilometers away from Malatya city center.

B.C. The mound, which was inhabited from the 5th millennium to the 11th century AD, was built between the 5th and 6th centuries AD. It was used as a Roman village between the centuries and later completed its life as a Byzantine necropolis. Arslantepe, where excavations have been carried out since 1932, is considered the most important archaeological site of Malatya and was converted into an open-air museum in 2011 and opened to visitors.

As a result of the excavations in the mound, BC. “The oldest known mudbrick palace in the world”, dating back to 3 thousand 300-3 thousand BC. A temple dating back to 3-600 years ago, more than 3 thousand seal impressions, corridor decorations, a king's tomb, and "the oldest known 500 swords and 2 spearheads in the world" and many more artifacts were unearthed.

At the entrance of the museum, exact copies of the 1900 lion statues and wall reliefs made of the same material were placed with the King of Malatya Tarhunza, which was found in 1932-2 and taken to Ankara.

Visitors can see the mudbrick palace, wall decorations and other remains at the excavation site.

The finds, which cannot be preserved and exhibited in Arslantepe, are exhibited in the Malatya Museum.

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