Announcement of 4th and 5th Stage Rail System to Antalya!

Antalyaya Rail System Good News
Good News of the Rail System to Antalya!

📩 16/09/2022 13:43

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, the first guest of Konyaaltı Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (KONYSİAD) fall semester Muhittin Böcek it happened. Konyaaltı District Governor Kamil Köten, Journalists President İdris Taş, TVSEN President Okan Kaya, Konyaaltı Gendarmerie Commander First Lieutenant Coşan Evci, Akdeniz University Geography Department Head. prof. Dr. Cemali Sarı, ASBAŞ General Manager Zeki Gürses, Akdeniz University Dr. Faculty Member Tahsin Şahin, Press Association President İbrahim Akkaya, Geyikbayır Headman Salih Teker, Akdamlar Mukhtar Osman Yılmaz were among the guests attending the meeting. ABB President, who explained his projects and services at the meeting Muhittin Böcek, exchanged views with KONYSIAD members and answered their questions.

The first guest of Konyaaltı Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (KONYSİAD) new term meetings is the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality. Muhittin Böcek it happened. Meeting with the members of Konyaaltı Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Muhittin Böcekannounced that they have realized the project tenders for the 4th Stage of the rail system, which will be between Konyaaltı-Varsak, and the 5th Stage, which will be between Konyaaltı-Kundu. ABB President Muhittin BöcekHe said that the Halk Water project will be implemented as ANTSU soon.


KONYSIAD President İlhami Kaplan, who started the new term meetings, made the opening speech. Metropolitan Mayor of the first guest of the new era Muhittin Böcek Ilhami Kaplan, who stated that he is the best in the world, said, "We are going through difficult times, such periods are the periods when cooperation and communication are most necessary. At the beginning of the most important effects that will keep us alive as a country; it comes down to protecting our national consciousness by preserving our collective memory. We should not break our unity and solidarity. Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk left us a very valuable keyword to overcome all kinds of difficulties we will face, 'The power you need is in the noble blood in your veins.' We should follow this motto as well.” said.


Metropolitan Mayor, who came to the podium after İlhami Kaplan Muhittin Böcek On the other hand, ABB President stated that the Boğaçayı Project, which was implemented despite the warnings of NGOs in the previous period, is now better understood. Muhittin Böcek“You see the pollution there every day. 131 million TL was invested in today's money, and 500 million TL was invested in the project, which NGOs said was wrong. There has also been erosion on the beach," he said. Reminding that he shared the problems related to the construction of the Konyaaltı Beach Project with the public before, ABB President Muhittin Böcek“The project, which was decided to be built with the build-operate-transfer model from the city council, was not done in this way. 254 million lira came out of the municipal coffers, the loan was taken. 1 billion TL with today's value. The operating firm is now just raising money. The security, cleanliness and landscape of the coast are in the Metropolitan. This is not true. With that money, very good projects could be made. In the past, we won the first place in Turkey on the Konyaaltı Beach with the build-operate-transfer model,” he said.


ABB President conveyed that they have realized the projects they promised to the public one by one. Muhittin Böcek He said: “With Halk Süt, we send milk to our children. We have Halk Meat stores in our five districts. Our mobile truck visits our districts one by one every week. People's Water; We change it to ANTSU. We bought Karsu a month ago. It is one of the best quality waters. Together with ASAT and ALDAŞ, we will deliver this healthy and quality water to our people.”


Underlining that they attach great importance to farmers and cooperatives with the local development model, ABB President Muhittin Böcek, said that they increased the number of cooperatives with free energy support from 30 to 59. ABB President explained that they provided support to the producer such as seedling aid, dough kneading machine, grape squeezing machine, milk tank. Muhittin BöcekHe said that they touched the villagers with projects such as Farmer Card.


Stating that they established the Antalya Tourism Association with tourism professionals, ABB President Muhittin Böcekstated that they contributed to the promotion of Antalya's tourism diversity together with 17 mayors. Expressing that they attach importance to managing the city with a common mind, ABB President Muhittin Böcek, ATSO, NGOs, tradesmen, agriculture and tourism sector said that they held workshops.


Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Muhittin Böcekstated that they implemented the intersection arrangements and smart intersection project to ease urban transportation. Insect announced that they will complete the Earthquake Master Plan by 2025. ABB President stated that they are building a 1797-person parking lot at Akdeniz University to solve the parking problem. Muhittin BöcekHe explained that the project, which will exceed 100 million liras, will also serve the city as a disaster assembly center.


Stating that they have prepared a Sustainable Energy and Action Plan, ABB President Muhittin Böcek“Our Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, which produces and stores its own energy from the sun, became the first public institution and municipality in Turkey to receive the Climate Friendly Establishment Certificate. When we took office, we increased the number of Solar Power Plants (GES) from 7 to 11. Now we're raising it to 18. With these SPPs, we produce electricity equivalent to 75 thousand residences”.


Announcing that they will put the second stage arrangement of Konyaaltı Beach between Boğaçayı Bridge and the Port out to tender very soon, ABB President Muhittin Böcek, said that 5 enterprises will take place in the coastal arrangement project, which will be realized with the build-operate-transfer model.


Expressing that they quickly completed the 3rd Stage Rail System Project betweenvark and the museum, ABB President Muhittin BöcekHe noted that they have also completed the project tender for the 4th stage, which will be between Konyaaltı and Varsak, and that they are waiting for the approval of the Presidency regarding the investment. ABB President, who said that the project tender for the 5th stage, which will extend from Konyaaltı to Kundu, has been made. Muhittin Böcek, informed that this stage will be 22 kilometers.


Addressing the dormitory problem of university students, ABB President Muhittin Böcek“We have put a 335-person dormitory for boys and girls at the service of our students. In addition, we passed the decision regarding the retake of our dormitory with a capacity of 340 people, which is in TÜRGEV, from our Metropolitan Assembly. The number of our kindergartens has increased to 11.

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