Reactor Shaft Coating of Akkuyu NPP 2nd Unit Completed

Reactor Shaft Coating of Akkuyu NPP Second Unit Completed
Reactor Shaft Coating of Akkuyu NPP 2nd Unit Completed

📩 22/09/2022 16:29

Works on the reactor shaft lining of the 2nd unit at the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant (NGS) construction site have been completed. The cladding, which is a metal structure inside the inner sealed shell in the reactor building of the power plant; It is used to strengthen concrete surfaces, increase tightness, resist additional loads that may occur during operation of the power unit and refueling.

A special welding technology is used for the coating, which is made of special stainless steel containing chromium and nickel and has a service life of 100 years.

With the installation of the coating of the reactor shaft, which consists of metal structures weighing more than 16 tons, a height of 9,1 meters and a diameter of 8 meters, the shaft reaches a height of 26 meters. Access to the installation site was provided by a multi-wheeled truck due to the weight of the load. Installation was carried out with the Liebherr LR 13000 crawler crane. After the assembly of the cladding on the 2nd power unit, the reinforcement and concreting phase of the reactor shaft begins.

The coating was manufactured at Rosatom's Atomspetsservis company and delivered by sea to the Akkuyu NPP site.

Akkuyu Nuclear Inc. Sergey Butckikh, First Deputy General Manager and Director of Construction Affairs, said: “Work at the Akkuyu NPP site continues uninterruptedly. Another important step was completed with the assembly of the reactor shaft lining in the 2nd unit. Large-tonnage cargo from the city of Volgodonsk was delivered to the Eastern Cargo Terminal and delivered to the power unit under construction using a multi-wheeled truck. The lining, which is a mold that seals the reactor shaft, also forms an important part of the refueling pool.”

Construction and installation works continue uninterruptedly in all parts of the main and auxiliary facilities such as the four power units, as well as coastal structures, power distribution systems, administrative buildings, training-practice center and physical protection facilities of the nuclear power plant.

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