Ahmet Özhan Became the 'Sheikh' of the Surgery Sect! Who is Ahmet Özhan, How old is he, Where is he from?

Ahmet Ozhan Became Sheik of the Sect of Surgery Who is Ahmet Ozhan How old is he from where?
Ahmet Özhan Became the 'Sheikh' of the Surgery Sect! Who is Ahmet Özhan, How old is he, Where is he from?

📩 26/09/2022 11:12

After Ömer Tuğrul İnanç's death at the age of 76 in early September, the new sheikh of the sect was announced.

Mustafa Özel, the editor-in-chief of İnsicam magazine, announced that the new post of his sect is Turkish classical music singer Ahmet Özhan.

Ahmet Özhan, who has been a member of the Surgical order since he was 17 years old, was leading the events called 'meşk' in the days when İnançer was absent.

Who is Ahmet Ozhan?

Ahmet Şükrü Kadıöz, also known as Ahmet Özhan (born 26 August 1950, Şanlıurfa), is a Turkish actor and singer.

He completed his music education at the Istanbul Municipal Conservatory and Üsküdar Music Society in the late 1960s. His first professional stage experience was in Bebek Belediye Casino in 1968. Ahmet Özhan, who appeared on the stage at a young age, is known as the popular Turkish music performer of the 1970s and 1980s. In the following years, they benefited from various masters of the time, meanwhile, in addition to their recording works; He took part as a soloist and presenter in movies, television series and concerts, radio works and music programs of various television channels. He has many 45's, records, cassettes and CD works.

In addition to popular and classical Turkish music, Ahmet Özhan has been the pioneer of a new trend in his country with his Sufi music since the early 80's.

During his artistic life, he won many awards in popular and other fields of Turkish music, contributed to the art of the country with hundreds of concerts in the country, and gave festivals in various countries and concerts in five continents. Özhan received the title of "state artist" in 1998.

Ahmet Özhan, who worked as a sound artist at TRT Istanbul Radio between 1981 and 1991, took part in the establishment of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Istanbul Historical Turkish Music Ensemble in 1991 and has been the general art director of this ensemble since then.

The ensemble continues its activities with classical and mystic music concerts at events such as the International Istanbul Music Festival, as well as in Konya Mevlana celebrations. The artist started the first of his Sufi albums project, which he named "Meşk", with the album "Ramadan Hymns", which he released in 2006. The artist also participates as a guest artist in the Seb-i Aruz ceremonies held in Konya to commemorate Mevlana.

Ahmet Özhan has two children, Özgül and Özcan, from his marriage to Hatice Özhan. He married Filiz Akbulut in 2013.

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