Within the scope of the Family School Project, 137 thousand families were trained

A Thousand Families Provided Education Within the Scope of the Family School Project
Within the scope of the Family School Project, 137 thousand families were trained

To date, 7 thousand families have benefited from the Family School project, which was started as a pilot in 81 different provinces by the Ministry of National Education in line with the objectives of family relations, home management and guiding children's behavior management, and progressed with the "target of reaching 1 million families in 137 provinces".

Courses are offered in different fields.

Training takes place in many different areas. Families are supported in various ways with trainings on different subjects such as social skills, communication within the family, use of technology, moral development, stress management, healthy nutrition, environment and first aid.

The goal is to reach 1 million families

Noting that the aim of the project, which was expanded to 12 provinces with a ceremony attended by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's wife Emine Erdoğan on August 2022, 81, is to reach 2022 million families by the end of 1, Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer said, “Family values, with a 44-hour education in the family school project, We are about to provide a very important service to support our families in 10 different areas such as our cultural values, family communication, social, psychological and emotional development, environmental awareness, stress management, and approaches to preventing substance abuse, and to take firm steps forward towards becoming a much more prosperous society by supporting our families. We have started it through our 1000 public education centers.” said.

Expressing that he is very happy to have reached approximately 137 thousand families in such a short time as one month, Özer said:
“Hopefully, we will continue to be with our families with much richer and constantly updated content with the feedback received during these training processes. Thus, our families will have the opportunity to manage processes in a much stronger and more conscious way, and to communicate in a much more conscious way, especially about communication within the family and children's substance addiction and technological addiction. In particular, a very important gain will be achieved regarding cultural values, moral values, social development within the family, and awareness of psychological developments. The stronger we can make our families, the more support mechanisms our children in the education system will have, because education is not just a process that takes place at school. It is a process that is highly dependent on the level of education and communication, which are factors outside of school and especially factors within the family.”

Özer stated that with the Family School project, they will not only support families, but also reach a very important distance in increasing the quality of the education system.

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