What is Transparent Plaque Treatment? How is Transparent Plaque Treatment Performed?

What is Transparent Plaque Treatment How is Transparent Plaque Treatment Done
What is Transparent Plaque Treatment How is Transparent Plaque Treatment Done

clear record invisalign One of the most curious issues in the treatment is what is the reason for the separation from the braces. In addition, people may have question marks about the problems that may be experienced during the treatment process and how long the treatment will last. The question of whether transparent plaque treatment can be applied to all teeth of people is also one of the people's curiosity.

What is Transparent Plaque Treatment?

Some teeth may be crooked because they cannot find a place on the gum or for different reasons. Crooked teeth can negatively affect people's social lives. In this context, metal braces or transparent plaques should be used. Transparent plaque treatments are applied in the form of placing invisible plaques on the teeth. Compared to braces, a faster solution is obtained, although it varies from person to person.

What are the Differences Between Transparent Plaques and Braces?

The metal structures of the braces can affect the psychological state of people, especially at young ages, due to the social life and appearance of the people in the first days of wearing. The treatment process of metal braces may initially cause pain for users. At the same time, cleaning metal wires is very difficult compared to transparent plates. Transparent plates can be easily removed at any time and can be cleaned with solutions.

Braces should only be removed by a physician. In this context, hygienically transparent plates are more advantageous. When transparent plaques are used, they do not cause an ugly appearance from the outside as they are colorless. Especially considering the psychology of young friends, the use of transparent plaques will be more advantageous.

How is Transparent Plaque Treatment Performed?

Transparent plaque treatment falls under the scope of oral health and is performed by dentistry departments. Considering the general condition of the teeth, it is done by considering the patient's consent in line with the plan that the physician wants to implement. There is no application like braces. The slip status of the patient's teeth is determined. Overlapping teeth, teeth that have shifted back and forth or to the right and left are determined. Transparent plaques are placed in the treatment area by the relevant physicians and fixed with special adhesives.

The duration of treatment varies depending on the general condition of the patient. The treatment fee is determined by the physician according to the number of teeth to be treated and the deformity of the patient. In addition to the average figures in general, the age of the patient can also affect the duration of the treatment, so the price can also make a difference.

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