What are the Business Processes Developed with EBA?

What are the Business Processes Developed with EBA
What are the Business Processes Developed with EBA

Meet your enterprise resource management needs, which can be integrated into the system to guide your decisions in the business process. EBA You can meet with It offers the opportunity to improve existing applications, comprehensive processes such as workflow, document management, business process automation, data management and document management. It allows you to manage these processes wherever and whenever you want without being tied to any location. Business Processes Developed with EBA What are they? Let's examine it together.

By integrating workflows in a business, EBA provides many advantages. First, it brings together your systems, your people, your actions and your data. It provides the opportunity to manage your digital content with a holistic approach. It eliminates the costs of your business such as transportation, storage and printing. It increases your productivity by speeding up the process. Improves customer service. It reduces risk and strengthens compliance.

EBA IT Process Development

EBA IT processes development ensures that you get the necessary technical support in all channels your company needs. Data recovery is one of the solutions offered in this process. Data recovery is performed on all devices that have lost data for various reasons. For example, your smartphone, tablet or computer has been dropped, hit, wet, burned or blocked from data access for different reasons. This causes a major crisis for many businesses. At this point, you can benefit from IT solutions that offer definitive solutions.

The services offered in developing EBA IT processes are as follows;

  • Onsite support service
  • Backup device service
  • Remote support service
  • Periodic maintenance service
  • Desktop server maintenance service
  • Support specialist service
  • Technical support service computer sales

The services offered within the scope of IT maintenance and support services cover a wide area from technical service to integrated management. Thanks to the IT process managed by companies trained and certified in the field, businesses focus on their core business. These enterprises, which have maintenance and technical support services, work in accordance with the standards and as a whole.

Business Processes Developed with EBA

  • EBA IT Process Development
  • EBA Logistics Process Development
  • EBA Finance Process Development
  • EBA Production Process Development
  • EBA Document Management

EBA Logistics Process Development

The process of transporting the product from the first producer to the last consumer is considered as logistics. In this context, there are processes such as customs clearance, storage, packaging and distribution. It is difficult for companies that cannot develop their logistics processes well to survive. In logistics support, it is ensured that the right product is available at the right place and time in the right quantity, as well as at a competitive price. The biggest responsibility of logistics support is to combine the sub-headings in this whole process and present them to the company. Therefore, the development of logistics processes is among the most important issues for a company.

Within the scope of developing EBA logistics processes, the operations of the company are recorded, monitored and reported. In this context, automatic notifications are sent to the employees. Logistics processes, which cover all the processes from the moment the order is received to the delivery of the product, should be developed by professional companies.

EBA Finance Process Development

One of the functions that play a critical role for the company is finance. A company whose final process is well managed increases its power day by day. In today's increasingly digital business industry, real-time financial forecasts and accurate reporting are more vital than ever. Each company has a unique sapling process.

The finance department is faced with a workload that requires superhuman abilities every day. These companies, which also experience a lack of technological tools from time to time, face confusion, delay, redundancy and inefficiencies.

Even though businesses try to get efficiency without allocating a separate budget to the financial development process, they waste effort. Here are some ideas from the experiences of businesses that have developed this seemingly complex process on their own;

  • Automate the workflow
  • Creating process maps
  • Monitoring processes
  • Analyze and improve

Finance process that seems chaotic can be developed completely and flawlessly with Eba. Financial developers who have received special training in this regard will ensure that you get the highest efficiency from the system.

EBA Production Process Development, EBA Workflow Management

One of the areas where digitalization develops and becomes widespread is the production process. Solutions that provide synchronization in the production process and facilitate management functions are needed. With the development of Eba production processes, the most accurate workflow solution is developed for businesses. These businesses save time and provide extra efficiency. Companies that manage the production process should have the most accurate management model they need.EBA Workflow Management It is essential for digitization.

EBA provides services in different functions during the production development process. Production and quality control and all reports are displayed with a click. Necessary analyzes are made for the products produced and the analysis process can be easily followed. The complexity that may be experienced with new products introduced provides the opportunity to manage profits digitally. Test results can also be easily managed in the trial product. It offers smart production solutions by providing automatic data retrieval. Improvements are being made for machines or operators to automatically receive data and generate performance-based reports. You can take control of the products you want to track with barcode generation and mass barcode printing.

EBA Document Management

Businesses have to manage, monitor and store documents such as documents, information and visual materials produced during their service period. For this, they need a reliable and functional document management system. It is very practical to preserve, control and monitor documents with Eba document management. Businesses that want to facilitate the business process and increase productivity leave their competitors behind by a large margin thanks to this service.

The system provides access to the searched document within seconds among millions of documents. In addition, it automatically performs tedious and time-consuming manual processes such as getting approval and filing. One of the most effective solutions provided by the system is that you can access documents with the same comfort from your mobile device, even if you are away from the computer.

Exporting international companies need software supported by global standards. For example, systems that work in harmony with electronic signature providers have an important place in document management. In this context, KEP compliance, which has become a must for businesses, should not be ignored. In this whole development process, it is necessary to get support from consultants who are talented and able to construct correctly. Snotra Digital Eba workflow management Develops eBA Business Processes with its expert team. For detailed information please calltrace


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