'Station Library' Opened at Ankaray Dikimevi Station Attracts Great Interest

The 'Station Library' Opened at Ankaray Dikimevi Station attracts great attention
'Station Library' Opened at Ankaray Dikimevi Station Attracts Great Interest

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to encourage the citizens of the Capital to read books with the slogan "Take, Read, Leave". The citizens of Başkent show great interest in the free libraries opened at Kızılay Metro Station and Dikimevi ANKARAY Station for passengers to evaluate their travels by reading books.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to encourage the people of the Capital to read books and to spread the habit of reading.
After the Kızılay Metro Station themed library, which was implemented by the EGO General Directorate with the slogan "Take, Read, Leave", the "Station Library" opened at ANKARAY Dikimevi Station, due to the high number of students, attracts great attention from the citizens of the Capital.


The library, which was opened under the name of "Dikimevi ANKARAY Book Station", continues to serve between 08.00-17.00 on weekdays. In the library with a capacity of 5 thousand books, which includes course and story books, novels, encyclopedias and magazines, there are also tables where citizens can read and study.

Yurtalp Erdoğdu, Head of the Department of EGO General Directorate, gave the following information about the library:

“Our project, which we started with 48 books and a mini library in our Red Crescent station, received great interest and support from our citizens and reached the second library and 4 books today. After the Kızılay Metro Book Station, which was put into service with the slogan 'Take, Read, Leave', we have opened our second library in our ANKARAY Dikimevi station. At the point reached by the great interest of our citizens from all age groups, the number of our books in daily circulation has approached thousands. Citizens who want to read books can apply to our book station and choose one of the books free of charge with only their name, surname and contact number. We expect them to deliver within a month. The most important thing here, and what makes us most happy, is that our citizens embrace this project with great participation and in a sense encourage us to increase the number of books and libraries.”


While the project supports citizens to have easy access to books, it also contributes to more efficient use of travel time on rail systems.

Citizens using the library expressed their satisfaction with the following words:

Mehmet Orbay: “I used to buy from Kızılay before. Now I started to buy from Sewing House, because it is closer to me. It has been a very good project as it encourages reading books. Sometimes I take the books home, sometimes I read them here. I can find most of the books I am looking for here.”

Helin Naz Elverir: “The free library project is advantageous for students. I can easily access the book and information from here.”

Alperen Aras: “It's an amazing library. In an easy-to-reach place… We came directly, examined the books and bought them. Creating these spaces is a great opportunity for us.”

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