TOKİ Social Housing Project Application Number Reached 224

TOKI Social Housing Project Application Number Reached One Thousand
TOKİ Social Housing Project Application Number Reached 224

Environment, Urban Planning and Climate Change Minister Murat Kurum said that the number of applications for the Social Housing Project to be built by TOKİ reached 224 as of the time of the press conference.

Environment, Urban Planning and Climate Change Minister Murat Kurum shared the details of the social housing move announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan at the "Press Meeting on the Biggest Social Housing Move in the History of the Republic" held in Istanbul.

Stating that they have introduced historical services to Turkey in the last 20 years, the Institution stated that they have equipped all districts in 81 provinces with projects with giant works of art.

Reminding that President Erdoğan announced the urbanism manifesto about 4 years ago before the local elections, the Institution noted that they have built 90 million 1 thousand houses in Turkey, 170 percent of which is social housing, by the TOKİ Presidency.

The institution stated that they are working with all their might, and that great projects have been carried out in order to strengthen the infrastructure and superstructure of the cities and to revive historical places, “In this sense, with the understanding of loyalty to history and respect for the past, the new Mevlana Square in Konya and Selimiye the Architect, again in Edirne, are entrusted to you. We are making arrangements in and around the mosque. As part of a project we have carried out together with our municipalities around the Ulu Mosque in Bursa, we are re-building the surroundings of the Ulu Mosque, Bitlis, bridges, madrasahs and squares. We are striving to make the region where 45 historical squares are located in a total of 80 provinces a center of attraction and to bring them back to our nation in accordance with their originality.” used the phrases.

Noting that they are carrying out national garden projects reaching a size of 70 million square meters on the one hand, the Institution stated that they have brought 455 national gardens to the citizens from Edirne to Hakkari.

Murat Kurum said, “We are strengthening the infrastructure of our cities with urban transformation, and we have transformed 3 million houses to date and changed the lives of 12 million people who have found their new homes. We have secured their life and property safety.” he said.

Stating that they started the biggest transformation projects in their history in Elazığ, Malatya and İzmir after the disasters experienced, they carried out a giant renewal in disaster areas in Antalya, Muğla and the whole of the Eastern Black Sea Region, the Institution said, He said that he has the ability, capacity and determination to produce every product, every service, in the fastest and highest quality way.

“We will gain 2023 thousand social housing in 2028-500”

The institution stated that they will provide the beloved nation with 2023 thousand social housing, 2028 thousand residential land, 500 thousand social housing, 250 thousand housing land and 50 thousand workplaces, which is the first stage of the target of 250 thousand workplaces in 100-10.

Reminding that the names of the housing and workplace projects were announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan as “My first home” and “My first workplace”, Minister Kurum explained the quotas they allotted in this framework and the quotas they defined as positive discrimination as follows:

“We are allocating 5 residences for our martyrs and veterans families in exchange for 12 percent quota. In the same way, we allocate 500 residences for our disabled brothers and sisters. Within the scope of this project, we offer 12 thousand housing quotas to our retirees and young people. With this project, our young people will have the right to private housing for the first time. Our young brothers born after September 500 will be able to apply through the quota allocated to them. We have an age limit of 50 for application.”

“As of now, our number of applications has reached 224”

Reminding that citizens who will benefit from the social housing project must reside in the provinces they will apply for at least one year or be registered with the population of that province, the Minister Kurum continued his words as follows:

“The thing that pleased our nation the most was the 40 percent discount on the cost price of our new homes. With our social housing projects in 81 provinces and 609 districts, our citizens will be able to access our 608+2 residences for a total of 1 thousand liras. They will be able to have this project with a monthly installment of 2 thousand 280 liras and a maturity of 240 months. Our citizens will be able to access our 850+3 residences with a total price of 1 thousand liras, with installments starting from 3 thousand 187 liras, with a maturity of 240 months. Our application door is open to every citizen whose household income is below 18 thousand liras in Istanbul and 16 thousand liras in other provinces. As of now, our number of applications has reached 224. Our citizens will pay 10 percent of the total flat price as a down payment. The installments will start after the contract is signed.”

Minister Kurum said that 50 thousand of the new homes will be built on both sides of Istanbul, and they are working on these projects in Başakşehir, Esenler, Arnavutköy, Silivri, Çatalca region on the European side, and Tuzla, Kartal and Pendik on the Anatolian side.

“The number of citizens with social housing will reach 2028 million in 10”

Stating that 18 thousand residences will be built in Ankara, 12 thousand 500 in İzmir, 10 thousand in Gaziantep, 8 thousand 650 in Bursa, 7 thousand 500 in Konya and 7 thousand 500 in Kayseri, the Minister Kurum said, “In 20 years, With these projects, we will have increased the number of residences we have reached to 1 million 170 to 2028 million by 2. The number of our citizens with social housing will also reach approximately 10 million.” said.

Stating that they have also presented the infrastructures and lands ready to build a house with completed construction within the scope of this project, the Minister Kurum said:

“Our land of 60 thousand residences is ready in an area of ​​100 million square meters in total. Thus, our citizens will be able to build their own houses on the lands for which the zoning plans have been made. We have determined the prices with nearly 40 percent subsidy from our state, below the market price. We offer our plots in an interest-free manner. We have two types of land. The first will be plots of 350 to 500 square meters. These will be plots where detached houses will be built. Housing sizes here vary between 105 and 150 square meters. Here, too, our prices start from 192 thousand 500 liras, and our citizens will be able to buy their land in installments starting from 1604 liras, with a 10-year maturity and interest-free payment method. After signing the contract, they will be able to build on the land within two years. We will provide technical and project support. Second, we will have shared parcels. Here, the housing size will be 150 square meters. With a total price of 112 thousand 500 liras, our people will have their land with a 10-year maturity, interest-free.”

“The total investment value of the nests and workplaces is approximately 900 billion liras”

Minister Kurum reminded that while they are building social housing, they will also implement a workplace project for the development of industry and the development of regions and cities.

Explaining that they will bring 28 thousand workplaces of 50-200 square meters in size to the citizens in 10 provinces from Ankara to Adana, from Erzurum to Diyarbakır, from Kastamonu to Konya at the first stage, the Institution said that they will bring in 350 installments of 2 thousand 633 liras with prices starting from 120 thousand liras. He said that they would have presented this project to the industrialist and young entrepreneur in the future.

Stating that citizens with a mastership certificate can apply for this quota, the Minister Kurum stated that these investments will benefit the citizens who dream of starting a new business, and that it will be a project that will contribute to the development of that region.

Minister Kurum stated that the total investment value of these homes and workplaces is approximately 900 billion liras, the first phase of which is 422 billion liras, and that 40 percent of this cost is covered by the state subsidy upon the instruction of President Erdoğan.

“House and rent prices started to come down as soon as the project was heard”

Explaining that within the framework of this size, a financial and production-oriented economic activity of more than 2 trillion liras will begin, Kurum said, “House and rental prices have already started to come down as soon as the project is heard, and they will decrease. It will mobilize our private sector. It will take action at the point of investment. This economic magnitude will spread to all segments of society, to more than 250 sectors.” said.

Stating that the applications started today and that they continued their housing applications until the end of October, Kurum said, “We will lay the first foundation in October with the honor of our President with great enthusiasm and excitement. We will carry out our tenders in stages. There is no difference between those who apply today and those who apply at the end of October. Within the framework of the applications, we will draw lots with the same understanding as we did in 1 million 170 thousand houses in the presence of a notary public.” he said.

“We plan to complete the first phase residences within 2 years at the latest”

Explaining that they will start receiving applications for land and workplaces on October 10 and will continue until November 7, the Authority said that they plan to complete the first stage residences within 2 years at the latest.

Pointing out that these residences will lead to a new urbanization activity in Turkey, the Minister Kurum stated that the project will relieve the congestion in the city centers, reduce the traffic problem and activate the city's peripheries in this sense.

As a requirement of the "Zero Waste" project carried out under the auspices of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's wife, Emine Erdoğan, the Minister Institution, all its investments and projects, are compatible with zero waste, respectful to the environment, producing their own energy, using the energy produced in common areas and collecting rain water. stated that they will realize it as a project.

“When we hammer the first nail, we activate 250 sub-sectors with these projects. We create 100 thousand new jobs, then 200 thousand new jobs.” Minister Kurum added that as a result of the total investment of 900 billion liras, they will cause an economic movement and mobility of 2 trillion liras.

Noting that their phones have not been silenced since yesterday with the housing move, the Institution said that they have seen great favor from the citizens.

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