High Speed ​​​​Train Will Add Value to Karacabey

High-Speed ​​Train Will Add Value to Karacabey
High Speed ​​​​Train Will Add Value to Karacabey

Karacabey Mayor Ali Özkan visited the construction site established in Hürriyet Neighborhood for the construction of high-speed trains. Özkan underlined that they are closely following this project, which he announced as “Another very important project that will add value to our Karacabey”.

Karacabey Mayor Ali Özkan visited the area where the high-speed train construction site will be built, together with Hürriyet Neighborhood Headman Ahmet Kaçar.

Emphasizing that the high-speed train project is a very important development for Karacabey, Özkan said, “The high-speed train is a very important project that will add value to our Bursa, our region, Turkey and especially Karacabey. There will be a passenger and freight station in our Hürriyet Neighborhood. We will also have a passenger station in Taşlık Neighborhood. The work will now begin feverishly. It is a project that will make a significant contribution to both the region, the Turkish economy and the transportation network, and will bring our fellow citizens together with many cities in a short time. I say good luck,” he said.

Hürriyet Neighborhood Headman Ahmet Kaçar said, “We are happy and delighted that they will host the high-speed train works. Everything will be better with this project.”

It is living its golden age with investments

In his evaluation after the visit, Özkan said, “High-speed train works in our region were started in our Hürriyet Neighborhood. The high-speed train is one of the most important and visionary projects that our region is looking forward to. It will contribute to both Karacabey's economy, Bursa's economy and Turkey's economy, will ease the transportation area, and will ensure the rapid transportation of the products in our region to the ports and different regions. A project that we could not even imagine a few years ago covers our region. The fact that the Istanbul-İzmir highway entrance and exit is from Karacabey at the transportation point added a special value by connecting to TEKNOSAB through a trumpet junction, on the occasion of our Hürriyet Neighborhood. TEKNOSAB is one of Turkey's largest investments and a new generation organized industrial zone. The work here also continues at a rapid pace. In addition, the high-speed train project is being implemented. Indeed, Karacabey is experiencing its golden age in terms of state investments. Transportation projects, TEKNOSAB, 2 dam projects, infrastructure works we have realized with the help of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and various other projects are important works that will prepare the ground for Karacabey to become a 'modern, prosperous and strong city'.

Turkey's attention

Özkan stated that the studies and developments carried out in Karacabey attracted the attention of the whole of Turkey and said, “I would like to thank our President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, our regional deputies, our provincial mayor, our Metropolitan Mayor and everyone who contributed to these studies. And I wish good luck to our Hürriyet Neighborhood, its esteemed residents, Karacabey, Bursa and Turkey, where these works started.”

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