The Sixth of Pakistan Kindness Train Was Farewelled from Izmit

The Sixth of the Pakistan Kindness Train Brought Down from Izmit
The Sixth of Pakistan Kindness Train Was Farewelled from Izmit

Aid materials continue to be delivered to Pakistan, which suffered great losses due to the flood disaster, with the 'Goodness Trains'. The sixth train for Pakistan, the first of which was sent off from the Historical Ankara Station on August 30, 2022 and five goodness trains have been sent to date, was sent off with a ceremony from Izmit-Kosekoy Logistics Center on September 15.

The ceremony was attended by TCDD Transportation Istanbul Regional Manager Uğur Taşkınsakarya, Kocaeli Governor Seddar Yavuz, Provincial Police Director Veysal Tipioğlu, Deputy Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yaşar Çakmak, Kartepe District Governor Ömer Hilmi Yamlı, Kartepe Mayor Mustafa Kocaman, Provincial Mufti Sinan Cihan, Deputy Provincial Director of AFAD Cevat Özdemir. with other officials.

A Total of 17 Tons of Cleaning and Food Materials Will Be Delivered in 456 Wagons

Speaking at the ceremony, TCDD Tasimacilik Istanbul Regional Director Taşkınsakarya stated that a very valuable step has been taken in the name of brotherhood and friendship with the aid sent to the people of Afghanistan since the beginning of 2022. Taşkınsakarya: “Our country has never been indifferent to helpless people regardless of their race or religion. We are trying to heal the wounds of our brothers with the “Goodness Trains Project” to Afghanistan and Pakistan, which are among the best examples of this. Today we will say goodbye from Kocaeli to the “6. We will deliver 17 tons of cleaning and food materials in 456 wagons with the Pakistan Kindness Train. May our train be clear. " said.

The Requirement of Brotherhood Law is to Support Each Other in Difficult Times

Governor Seddar Yavuz conveyed his wishes to the people of Pakistan and said that Turkey continues to protect its heartland and brothers. Yavuz: “The requirement of brotherhood law is to support each other in difficult times. Unfortunately, our Pakistani brothers are also facing a great disaster these days. As always, rushing to the aid of anyone in difficulty is one of the greatest features of our civilization values. On this occasion, we, as Kocaeli, prepared 7 thousand packages, including 1000 thousand food packages and 8 hygiene packages. We would like to thank our generous people and benefactors once again for their help and support. I hope the people of Pakistan will get through these difficult days in a short time.” he said.

With the 'Goodness Trains', the first four of which were sent off from Ankara and the fifth from Mersin, a total of 2 tons of humanitarian aid materials have been delivered to the people of Pakistan so far.

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