MY FAMILY Accessible Communication Center Starts Service for the Hearing Impaired

MY FAMILY Accessible Communication Center Started to Serve for the Hearing Impaired
MY FAMILY Accessible Communication Center Starts Service for the Hearing Impaired

Derya Yanık, Minister of Family and Social Services, announced that the Hearing Impaired Communication Center (FAMILY), which was created to meet the communication needs of hearing-impaired citizens in the public, private sector and social lives, started to serve.

Minister Derya Yanık stated that with the goal of XNUMX% accessibility, the digital transformation and barrier-free communication necessary for disabled people to access the services offered are continuing. In this context, Minister Yanık noted that they have implemented a new service to eliminate the problems arising from the communication barrier for hearing-impaired individuals and to facilitate their lives, and said, “Our FAMILY Accessible Communication Center has started to serve for our hearing-impaired citizens. With the special call center we have established within the body of our Ministry, we aim to eliminate the communication barrier at any time and in case our hearing impaired citizens need access to information in processes such as education, participation in social life, working life, learning and using legal rights, and benefiting from public services.” said.

Noting that the “MY FAMILY” Barrier-Free Communication Center started to operate with 8 Turkish Sign Language translators in the first place, Minister Yanık emphasized that the Center will provide effective, fast and reliable service to hearing-impaired citizens with a larger staff next year. Yanik said:

“Hearing impaired individuals may encounter problems in accessing communication, services and information. With our FAMILY Accessible Communication Center, we aim to meet the communication needs of all hearing-impaired citizens that may arise at every stage of social life, independently of their families and close circles.”

How does MY FAMILY Accessible Communication Center work?

MY FAMILY Accessible Communication Center provides uninterrupted service 7 hours a day, 24 days a week.

MY FAMILY Accessible Communication Center can be accessed via the "FAMILY" application icon on the website of our Ministry, as well as through the application to be installed on smartphones.

The application can be downloaded for free from the IOS mobile market with the extension

With the said mobile application, users will be able to access the translators with one click from their personal phones and receive translation services.

All hearing-impaired citizens using Turkish Sign Language will be able to benefit from the FAMILY Accessible Communication Center.

Two-way service will be provided at the FAMILY Accessible Communication Center. With the 'telephone interpreting' service, which is one of the access models, the hearing impaired individual will notify the Turkish sign language interpreter in the call center that he or she reaches via video call or message, and the interpreter will provide communication by calling the desired person or institution according to the demand. Interviews will be recorded during the process.

Another video service model to be provided from the communication center will be the 'Remote Turkish Sign Language Interpretation' service. In this service model, the Turkish Sign Language interpreter will carry out the dialogue between the hearing person and the hearing impaired citizen in the same environment, and thus the communication problem will be eliminated.

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