Minister Ersoy Dive into British 'Lundy' Wreck in Çanakkale

Minister Ersoy Studied the British Lundy Wreck in Canakkale
Minister Ersoy Dive into British 'Lundy' Wreck in Çanakkale

Within the scope of the Turkish Culture Road Festivals organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, a memory dive was held in the Gallipoli Historical Underwater Park during the Troy Cultural Road Festival activities.

Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, Çanakkale Wars and Gallipoli Historical Site Director İsmail Kaşdemir and their accompanying people reached the area off the Suvla Bay of Anafartalar Port by boat.

Minister Ersoy and those accompanying him dived into the 27-meter-deep “Lundy” shipwreck with the guidance of the diving team leader and had the opportunity to see the 34-meter-long British ship, which was performing a mine-sweeping mission in the bay during the Allied Landings during the Dardanelles Wars.

The participants of the memory dive wandered around Lundy, which was sunk by the fire of Turkish artillery while loading ammunition on the ship “Kalyan” on 16 August 1915.

Minister Ersoy, in a statement to reporters after the dive, said that they encountered a very nice weather beyond their expectations in Çanakkale.

Stating that they are approaching the end of the Troy Cultural Road Festival, Minister Ersoy continued as follows:

“The festival, which started on the 16th, continued very intensely. There was a great participation in the events, which made us very happy. Nearly 35 people attended yesterday's event in Çanakkale. Many of our events had high participations of 25 thousand, 20 thousand and 10 thousand. We talked to the Presidency of the Area, especially when determining the date of this festival in Çanakkale. We are working on extending the season to 12 months by extending the season for both tradesmen and tourism professionals in all sectors. We chose this date specifically here and we received the result positively. It was quite successful. Everyone was very happy.”

“A large number of diving tourists from abroad started to come to Çanakkale”

Minister Ersoy reminded that they realized the Gallipoli Historical Underwater Park with the Presidency of the Historical Site.

Pointing out that the park attracted great interest, Minister Ersoy said, “This year, too, a large number of diving tourists from abroad started to come to Çanakkale. We hope that these numbers will increase even more next year.” said.

Ersoy said that the 1904-built Lundy, which they had the opportunity to see under water, was a trawler and was converted into a minesweeper during the Çanakkale Wars.

Stating that the wreck maintains its form: Minister Ersoy, when asked by a member of the press how he felt while diving, gave the following answer:

“First of all, you remember those days. Because the ship is well preserved. The most important thing was that the ship was well preserved. Of course, it's not exactly a warship, as it's a minesweeper. We can think of it like a support ship. But it was quite enjoyable as he kept his form well. It is very nice to dive in Çanakkale. Plus I expected the water to be colder this season but it wasn't. At least the clothes were effective, but it was very enjoyable. If the tube allowed, it would be possible to dive more.”

Pointing out that they are working to extend the tourism season in Çanakkale, Minister Ersoy said:

“We also carry out different studies with our Area Presidency. There are studies on walking paths. Hopefully, we want to extend the season here as a sport. So it's not just diving. It has a very beautiful nature. It is protected by the Area Presidency. There will be activities such as walking and jogging in that natural environment. We already have a marathon tomorrow. We have marathons of 10 kilometers, 12 kilometers and 40 kilometers. Hopefully, we want to promote this walking environment with them in the world, especially in Turkey. Because trekking and cycling have too many buyers in the world. People prefer it as tourism. Hopefully, we will extend the season of Çanakkale by bringing natural sports to the fore and also by influencing culture and art.”

Minister Ersoy added that he will participate in the 7th Gallipoli Marathon, which will be held tomorrow.

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