Kayseri Rail System Line Length Will Reach 48 Kilometers

Kayseri Rail System Line Length Will Reach Kilometers
Kayseri Rail System Line Length Will Reach 48 Kilometers

Mayor Büyükkılıç stated that the work on the Anafartalar - City Hospital - Furniturekent Tram Line continues uninterrupted and test drives are planned to start at the end of September.

Fever works continue uninterruptedly in the Anafartalar – City Hospital – Mobilyakent Tram Line and Talas Mevlana-Furkan Doğan Tram Line projects, which Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality started to make the public transportation system more comfortable and safe in the city, and the length of the rail system line will reach 48 kilometers when completed.

Metropolitan Municipality Dr. Under the chairmanship of Memduh Büyükkılıç, it carries out its activities in order to touch all the people of Kayseri in the center and rural areas and to provide quality service by running from investment to investment, from service to service in almost every field from transportation to infrastructure, from tourism to health, from education to sports.

In this context, while many projects that will make the city's transportation system modern, comfortable and safe have been implemented by the Metropolitan Municipality, a significant progress has been made in the ongoing works on the tram lines that will provide alternative and comfortable transportation opportunities to the important points of the city by expanding and developing the rail system network.

Making a final assessment of the feverish works on the rail system lines, Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Memduh Büyükkılıç said, “Work on our Anafartalar – City Hospital – Furniturekent Tram Line has gained momentum. The installation processes of the stations along the line and the asphalt renewal of the road on the route are carried out. Hopefully, we are planning to carry out test drives on this line at the end of September.”

President Büyükkılıç stated that the Talas Mevlana-Furkan Doğan Tram Line project was also carried out without any disruption, and said, “We are also working on our project, which will increase the transportation comfort of our developing Talas region. Hopefully, we plan to put this line into service at the end of the year," he said.


While feverish works were carried out on the Anafartalar-Şehir Hospital-Mobilyakent tram line, the foundation of which was laid in November 2020, the installation of the stations was accelerated after the installation of the catenary poles used in the rail system electrification lines and the drawing of the electrification lines of a large part of the project, which is 7 kilometers long and consists of 11 stations. In addition, asphalt renewal and landscaping works continue at full speed on the route of the 7-kilometer rail system line.

In addition to the Anafartalar-City Hospital-Mobilyakent rail system line, which is under construction by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, the frantic and devoted works of the Metropolitan Municipality continue on the Martyr Furkan Doğan-Talas Anayurt rail system line, which is planned to be put into service by the end of the year. There are 5,5 passenger stations on the rail system line, which will serve the Furkan Doğan Station and the Talas Anayurt region along the route of approximately 9 kilometers.

When both projects, which are still in progress, start to serve, an alternative, fast, safe and comfortable transportation opportunity will be provided to the important points of the city. When the Anafartalar-Şehir Hospital-Mobilyakent and Martyr Furkan Doğan-Talas Anayurt rail system lines are completed, the city's tram system, which is 35 kilometers long in the east-west direction, will reach 48 kilometers.

In addition, with the new lines being put into service and the number of existing 69 trams being increased to 80 with the new trams, a passenger carrying capacity of around 175 thousand will be reached. Citizens of the expanding and developing rail system network will have the opportunity of safe and comfortable transportation to the important points of the city.

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