İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Adds Oral and Dental Health to Home Care Service

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Adds Oral and Dental Health to Home Care Service
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Adds Oral and Dental Health to Home Care Service

Providing home care services to citizens in 30 districts, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality added oral and dental health to its range of services. Citizens of Izmir can now access many treatments from their homes, from dental cleaning to fillings.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyerİzmir Metropolitan Municipality Eşrefpaşa Hospital, which spreads home care services for the disabled, bedridden, chronically ill and elderly people to 30 districts in line with the social municipality understanding of 's, expanded the scope of the project. It is now possible for patients who benefit from the project to have dental treatment at home.

We take all necessary precautions at home

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Home Care Unit Dentist Eda Karakoç said, “We have just started dental services. We have a mobile dental unit, so we can extract our patients' teeth, take x-rays, fill them and provide tartar cleaning services. We are trying to help our citizens in need who want to get this service at home. We can take all the necessary precautions at home. Inside our unit, there are tools that we use when filling and cleaning caries. For dentists, the most important thing is to take a film because we do not start the procedure without seeing the bottom of the teeth, and now we can take dental X-rays," he said.

He even took an x-ray at home, we were very surprised

Güzin Kocatur, 63, stated that Eşrefpaşa Hospital had used home care services before and said, “After the pandemic, we could not go out. My wife is bedridden at home and I have to take care of her. Thankfully, Eşrefpaşa Hospital specialist doctors are doing both my wife's and me's analysis at home. Me and my wife couldn't go to the dentist, when we heard that there was such a service, we immediately called the hospital and made an appointment. Our dentist came and was very interested. He even took X-rays at home; we were very surprised. My wife started root canal treatment. I also had my teeth cleaned. It is extremely important for us, the elderly, to receive these services,” he said.

Hotline 293 80 20

The Home Care Team consists of a doctor, nurse, emergency medical technician, social worker, psychologist, dietitian, dentist and physiotherapist. Detailed information about home care service can be obtained from the phone number 293 80 20. Kemalpaşa Home Care Service Unit can be reached on the number 293 85 04.

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