It is Possible to Strengthen the Immune System with Exercise and Walking

It is Possible to Strengthen the Immune System with Exercise and Walking
It is Possible to Strengthen the Immune System with Exercise and Walking

Specialist from Medical Park Gebze Hospital Internal Diseases Clinic. Dr. Nagihan Akkaş gave information about how the immune system can be strengthened and what to pay attention to.

Talking about how the immune system works, Dr. Dr. Nagihan Akkaş shared the following information: “The immune system is our body's natural defense system. Invaders—viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi—are ubiquitous and have the potential to make us sick. A healthy immune system prevents these invaders from entering the body. If invaders break through this barrier and enter the body, the immune system releases white blood cells, or white blood cells, and attacks foreign invaders; it produces protein and finds its hiding place and tries to get rid of reproduction. When our immune system works properly, it keeps a wide variety of problems from our body, from cancer to the common cold. Even though our immune system is in a very good condition, it cannot always fight every invader, it may deteriorate from time to time, or it may encounter a new virus that it does not know at all, such as coronavirus. In order to minimize these situations, we should pay attention to our lifestyle and have our vaccinations fully. Unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle, insomnia, chronic stress weaken our immune system. When the immune system weakens, bacteria, viruses, toxins invade the body and the disease begins.

exp. Dr. Akkaş listed his suggestions to strengthen the immune system as follows:

Exercise: The first step for a quality and healthy life is exercise, and the easiest way to exercise is brisk walking. We should pay attention to exercise that will speed up our heart rate for half an hour at least three days a week. With exercise, endorphins are released. Endorphins positively affect our brain. Our pain is relieved, our stress is reduced and we sleep comfortably.

Nutrition: In order for our immune system to work well, we must eat healthy and right. A balanced diet increases resistance to infections. A diet high in calories and sugar weakens the immune system. Dark green, red, yellow and orange fruits and vegetables are packed with antioxidants. There are enough foods in our country such as oranges, tangerines, quince, apples, broccoli, artichokes, onions, and we need to get them in a balanced way.

Sleep: Regular sleep is very valuable for both stress management and the immune system. Lack of sleep invites both infections and obesity. Irregular and poor sleep is stressful during the day and makes us get angry easily. This leads to a stressful lifestyle, weakening our immune system and making us sick.

Hygiene: We need to pay attention to our personal hygiene. Cleaning your hands with soap for 20 seconds is much more valuable than most precautions. Hand and mouth cleaning is vital, diseases are mostly transmitted by hand and mouth.

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