Is It A Good Choice To Start A Career In The Logistics And Transport Sector?

Career in the Transport Industry
Career in the Transport Industry

Increasing exports and reducing imports in developing countries such as Turkey are among the long-term goals that directly affect the country's economy and inflation. In line with these goals, domestic production activities in developing countries are supported by the country administration.

While the human population was 10 billion until 7.086 years ago, it is stated that the current population is around 8 billion. The increase in the number of people in the world naturally brings the need for more consumption. Increasing consumption needs are met by production and marketing.

The basic point on which the marketing and production needs are based is logistics. Logistics is the activity that expresses the process that all kinds of products and materials go through until they reach the user in order to meet the customer's needs. This process includes planning, quality control, storage, completion of customs services, container loading, container unloading, transportation and security services.

In our article, we will discuss whether it is a good choice to start a career in the logistics industry. We will provide up-to-date information about Turkey's position in the logistics sector and explain how to apply for a job. We will evaluate the future position of the sector in the coming years. First of all, let's explain what logistics is for our readers who do not have enough knowledge about the logistics industry.

What is Logistics?

Logistics of any product, material or resource; It is a delivery service to the addresses specified in the country or abroad, by taking delivery from the manufactured company, manufacturer or company. It is known that the nomenclature of logistics comes from a military concept.

Within the logistics sector, material transportation is provided via air, land, sea and railway transportation. Among the transportation methods, air transportation is the method that provides the fastest logistics service.

You need to make an agreement with a logistics company to deliver your shipments to any place in the country or abroad. Thus, within the scope of the agreement, you can receive services such as packaging, picking up, transporting, storing and protecting your shipments from the relevant address.

Today, applications for transportation to logistics companies can be made online. At the same time, it is possible to go to the logistics agency and make the application process. During this process, pricing is made in line with information such as the type, size, weight and transportation method of the material to be transported.

Starting a Business in the Logistics Industry

Today, there are undergraduate and graduate programs in universities that provide education on logistics education, supply chain planning, strategic organization and many more. After graduating from the relevant departments, students can start their careers by applying to job postings in the logistics departments.

The CV, which should be prepared for a job application in the logistics sector, should be in a structure parallel to the vision of the relevant company or firm. At the same time, the logistics industry is a sector where timing, responsibility and planning come to the fore. For these reasons CV preparation Expressing your skills and sense of responsibility in an impressive way while completing the stages will attract the attention of employers.

Although experienced candidates who graduated from the logistics department in the sector are in an advantageous position, candidates who do not have any experience or training can also find a job. Since logistics is a very comprehensive sector, there is a need for personnel to serve in many different departments within the sector.

Operation leaders responsible for planning are needed in the industry serving globally, as well as company managers, officials to complete customs clearance or an employee responsible for warehousing.

For example, a company looking for a logistics planning specialist is looking for a staff who has the necessary knowledge and experience in the sector, has developed himself and can speak a foreign language, while a company looking for logistics office staff or logistics warehouse staff generally looks for discipline and responsibility qualities in candidates.

Global Logistics Industry

Considering the global reports in which the developing sectors in the 21st century are taken into consideration, it is stated that the logistics sector will take its place among the top 3 developing sectors globally.

It is known that logistics has existed since the beginning of human history and is used to meet needs. Today, logistics occupies a decisive position in line with the needs of customers around the world.

The development of technology directly and positively affects the logistics industry. Faster, more comfortable, safer and more environmentally sensitive transportation methods contribute to the growth of the logistics sector together with the developing technology.

In the global logistics sector, countries that have a coastline, have highways suitable for transportation and have developed airports are suitable for being a logistics base due to their structures. Firms and companies in countries with these characteristics are in a fierce competition.

The determining factor in the logistics sector is performance and efficiency. Firms and companies that successfully plan the supply chain and complete the logistics process steps with the principle of quality service are developing within the sector.

Turkey's Position in the Global Logistics Sector

Turkey's role as a bridge connecting the Asian and European continents due to its geostrategic location in the world shows that our country has an indispensable place in the world logistics market.

When the logistics sector is considered as a whole, it covers all the activities from the point where any product is produced until it reaches the final consumer. In this process, there are many services such as warehousing, planning, transportation, customs clearance and distribution.

Logistics, which is at a key point as well as connecting manufacturers and consumers all over the world, is a rare business field that can work with every sector. It is expected that Turkey will become a logistics base in the region in the coming years, as it is surrounded by seas on 3 sides and is at a crossroads connecting 3 continents.

The logistics sector in Turkey has a significant impact on development. The sector, which continues to grow with our country, continues its development rapidly. Considering our country's geographical location, logistics activities and surrounding countries, it has been proven with concrete evidence that Turkey has a critical importance in the logistics sector.

The use of our country as a transit pass by acting as a bridge during the pandemic process has attracted attention by bringing its importance in the global logistics sector to the agenda. When the countries with which Turkey cooperates in the international arena, foreign trade volume and pipeline agreements are evaluated, it is seen that the sector is quite suitable for development in the coming years.


When we evaluate the information we shared above about the logistics sector, it is clearly seen that it is a sector that is prone to growth and is very suitable for development. At the same time, it is frequently announced by the country administration that decisions that support the sector will be made and improvements will be made.

Considering the relevant news, global developments and potential information, it is considered that the importance of the logistics industry will increase day by day. There are many career opportunities within the developing logistics sector. It will be the right choice to enter the sector to evaluate career opportunities.

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