'Fire Week' Celebrations Started in the Capital

'Fire Week Celebrations' Started in the Capital
'Fire Week' Celebrations Started in the Capital

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade Department organized various events for the Fire Brigade Week, which was celebrated between September 25 and October 1.

In the celebration program that started with a moment of silence and the singing of the National Anthem at Ankara Fire Brigade İskitler Central Station, after the 'Firefighter's Prayer' was recited, Fire Brigade Chief Salih Kurumlu laid a wreath on the Atatürk bust.

ABB Deputy Secretary General Baki Kerimoğlu said that they are working hard to strengthen the Ankara Fire Department in terms of equipment and personnel, and to meet all its needs, and said, “The fire service carries great risks. While carrying out these duties in fire, earthquake, flood, some of our friends may lose their lives or become disabled. Therefore, it is necessary to make adequate legal arrangements for firefighters, like soldiers and policemen, to be considered martyrs when they die when something happens to them, and to be considered veterans when they are injured.” said.

Emphasizing that Ankara Fire Department has strengthened and rejuvenated its personnel and renewed its vehicle fleet with the investments made in the last 3 years, Chief of Fire Brigade Salih Kurumlu gave the following information:

“The Ankara Fire Department, which has a deep-rooted history of 1714 years from the firefighters' quarry established in 308 to today's modern firefighting, provides 25-hour uninterrupted service to the people of Ankara for all kinds of incidents with 46 fire stations in 24 districts. As of 2019, when we took office, we increased the number of personnel, whose deficiencies we identified and included in our strategic plans, from 704 to 1191, and reduced our average age from 48 to 40. By increasing the number of our vehicles from 154 to 231, we continue to purchase special vehicles suitable for our needs. Our vehicles, whose tenders have been completed, will be delivered in batches and our stations will be strengthened. At the same time, we purchased our modern search and rescue equipment and protective clothing. We have completed the construction of our Haymana, Nallıhan, Etimesgut, Akyurt and Bağlum Stations. As part of our rural volunteer firefighting program, we distributed 417 3-ton fire extinguishing tankers to our villages and provided first response training to 800 citizens.”

Within the scope of the events, Fire Department Head Salih Kurumlu and many firefighters visited Bilkent Veterans Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Training and Research Hospital and met with veterans whose treatment continues. The personnel working with Kurumlu and the Ankara Fire Department also donated blood to the Turkish Red Crescent.

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