'Electric Bus' Era in Public Transportation in Samsun

Electric Bus Period in Public Transport in Samsun
'Electric Bus' Period in Public Transportation in Samsun

A new era has started in public transportation in the city, with the lithium battery electric buses, a first in Turkey, which were put into service by the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality together with TEKNOFEST. The stations that will charge the batteries of the electric buses have a power of 450 kVA. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir said, “Charging stations have the feature of being the electric bus charging station with the largest installed capacity in Turkey.”

Domestic electric buses with lithium batteries, which were produced in cooperation with ASELSAN and TEMSAN and whose test drives were completed, were put into service at TEKNOFEST, the world's largest aviation, space and technology festival. Charging stations have been created at different points in the city for electric buses that charge in about 10 minutes. With the first ultra-fast charging electric buses in Turkey, which will be used instead of fossil fuel vehicles in Samsun's public transportation services, TEKNOFEST has been providing transportation between Samsun Çarşamba Airport, where the Black Sea is held, and TÜYAP Fairground since August 30.


Electric buses can travel 10-80 kilometers with a 90-minute battery charge. With its 450 kVA charging station, the system is Turkey's largest electric bus charging station with an installed capacity.

The buses, which operate using renewable energy with batteries that meet the necessary standards against combustion and explosion, will also reduce carbon emissions and noise pollution. Avenue EV, the first 100% domestic electric buses of the Turkish automotive industry, developed in cooperation with ASELSAN and TEMSA, is now on the road. A total of 20 electric buses are planned to be included in the public transport system.


Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir stated that the most important feature of domestic electric buses is that they save more than 70 percent in operating costs compared to fossil fuel buses, and said, “When spread over the entire bus fleet, it reduces the operating cost a lot. We have established a system with renewable energy that is both very comfortable and does not pollute the environment. A first in Turkey. We will constantly see buses of domestic manufacture, domestic design and lithium batteries on the roads in Samsun," he said. President Demir pointed out that especially the use of renewable energy is very important and said, “In addition to our buses, charging stations were also specially built. In order to provide ultra-fast charging, a charging station with a power capacity of 450 kVA was installed. This is the highest level in Turkey in terms of installed power," he said.


Kadir Gürkan, Head of Transportation Department of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, who gave information about electric buses, said, “Our charging stations are charging stations with 450 kVA direct current charging capacity in Turkey and they supply energy to our electric buses. The batteries of our buses are filled at charging stations and transport our citizens safely, comfortably and economically. On average, it takes about 10 minutes to charge. It provides service at an average range of 80 kilometers. Of course, extending or reducing the range can vary by 10 percent depending on the vehicle driving technique and the intense use of air conditioning. However, the fast charging feature provides very good opportunities for the user in operations like ours. For the first time in Turkey, electric buses with fast charging systems are being used in public transportation.” he said.


Onur Kazancı, Project Manager of the Electric Bus Project from the ASELSAN team, said, “Our electric buses and charging stations developed for this project have been developed locally and nationally. The biggest feature of our buses here is the ultra-fast charging facility. Accordingly, our charging stations with a power capacity of 450 KW currently have the highest installed power in Turkey. Similarly, our buses have special batteries to provide this opportunity.”

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