Countdown to Gaming Istanbul Has Started!

Countdown to Gaming Istanbul Has Started
Countdown to Gaming Istanbul Has Started!

Gaming Istanbul, one of the biggest gaming and esports events in the world, will take place on 16-18 September 2022 with the main sponsorship of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and the support of OGEM and Medya A.Ş.

Inaugurated by the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem İmamoğluGaming Istanbul, which will be held by , is getting ready to break a new ground in Turkey. Gamers will get their fill of the game with the LAN Party, which will be held for the first time with wide participation in Turkey as part of Gaming Istanbul. In this great organization called GIST LAN Party, players who come to Gaming Istanbul with their computer or mobile device will play PUBG, Apex Mobile, New State Mobile, Beatstar, Rocket League Sideswipe and Call Of Duty Mobile games for three days in the special LAN Party Area.

Gaming Istanbul game and esports event opens its doors on September 16, 2022, with the main sponsorship of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and the support of OGEM and Medya A.Ş. Dr. The event, which will take place at the Architect Kadir Topbaş Performance and Art Center, is preparing to bring together hundreds of thousands of amateur and professional people who are interested in all kinds of games for three days.

Hosting hundreds of thousands of gamers and game industry professionals in the past years, Gaming Istanbul, which has become one of the eight largest gaming events in the world with 2019 visitors in 92.000, will break new ground this year. For the special event that will bring game lovers together under the name of GIST LAN Party, a large 20-meter stage platform and a 300-person playground are being created in the event area. Visitors who attend Gaming Istanbul in this special area will be able to experience uninterrupted gaming for 3 days with the computers and mobile devices they bring with them. In the area, visitors can be divided into groups of their favorite games and participate in tournaments that will be held for each game.

Colorful game world is at Gaming Istanbul

Under the umbrella of Gaming Istanbul 2022, Indieway, the business development event and ecosystem for the gaming industry, will also take place. Game professionals and freelance game developers will come together at conferences and meetings for three days, and investor and business development meetings will be held at Gaming Istanbul.

Gaming Istanbul, which is preparing to open its doors with the main sponsorship of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and the support of OGEM and Medya AŞ. products, free developer areas and many activities such as jams will meet with the visitors.

Gaming Istanbul visitors will also have access to the shopping area, FRP event area, cosplay area, retro playground, playground and freelance developer area within the event.

The most famous publishers with giant brands and games are at Gaming Istanbul

Hepsiburada, Aorus (Gigabyte), Red Bull, Unity, Aerosoft, Codeo, LG, Stargate, Bahçeşehir University Game Incubation Center BUG Lab TEKMER, Ancient Gears, Upgrade Entertainment, Wendigo Games, Gizala, Digigame Startup Studio, Zindhu, FRPNET, Enucuzoyun, Bestgameprice will host Turkey's most popular Jam event, Cave Jam, by hosting Gaming Istanbul teams, which include brands and games such as Yuvamiz Istanbul, and Jam participants who will develop games for 72 hours with sleeping bags.

The biggest surprise of Gaming Istanbul for the participants this year is the Pokemon Go game, which will welcome its fans with pokemon named “Porygon, Unown G, Unown I and Joltik” which are specially designed for the event and can be hunted. On the other hand, Blockchain-based role-playing game Rise Online is one of the most important participants of the event this year, with a large event space and special surprises for Gaming Istanbul visitors. Adanath, the adventure game originating from Sumerian mythology, which was developed by Ancient Gears company and will be presented to the players for the first time in the world with its demo version at Gaming Istanbul, is among the participants of this year.

Hosting 2019 internet publishers in 215, Gaming Istanbul hosts the famous publishers Pelin ''PqueeN'' Baynazoğlu, Tuna ''Pintipanda'' Akşen, Can Sungur, Alp ''H1vezZz!'' Kocaman as every year. PqueeN, Pintipanda and Can Sungur, the brand faces of Gaming Istanbul, will surprise their followers this year at Gaming Istanbul Influencer Stage. Our publisher Pqueen, who has a very large fan base, will come together with his fans on the main stage at the Just Dance event.

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