EIA Not Required for 5 Houses with Canal Istanbul View

CED Not Required For Thousand Houses With Canal Istanbul View
EIA Not Required for 5 Houses with Canal Istanbul View

An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was not deemed necessary for the "Avcılar Firuzköy Project", which will be built by Emlak Konut on a giant untouched land of 672 thousand square meters, located in the Küçükçekmece Lake catchment area and within the borders of the Bathonea Archaeological Excavation area, which is within the impact area of ​​Kanal Istanbul.

In the mass housing project with a view of the canal, 5 thousand 785 houses will be built and a closed construction area of ​​​​1 million square meters will be created.

The decision was made in the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) application made last March for the 672 residences Avcılar Firuzköy Project, which will be built by Emlak Konut GYO on a land of 439 thousand 5 square meters on the shore of Küçükçekmece Lake, located at the entrance point of the controversial project Canal Istanbul from the Marmara Sea. . Istanbul Governor's Office has decided that "EIA is not required" for the giant construction project.

In the EIA impact area of ​​Kanal Istanbul

There was a remarkable statement about Kanal Istanbul in the introductory file. It was stated that the project site is not located in the Kanal Istanbul study area, but the project was shown within the EIA report of Kanal Istanbul.

SözcüAccording to the news of Özlem Güvemli from , it was stated that the Canal Istanbul Project, for which the "EIA positive" decision was made, is not an urbanization project and there is no evaluation regarding the mass housing projects within this project, and that the housing project should be evaluated separately, and said, "For this reason, Kanal Istanbul Our project, whose project is located within the EIA impact area, has been evaluated individually and a separate project introduction file has been prepared.

264 blocks will be built

Within the scope of the approved mass housing project, 5 thousand 785 residences and 437 commercial areas will be built. A total of 672 million square meters of closed construction area will be created in the project area of ​​439 thousand 1 square meters. With the project, 6 neighborhoods will be created and 264 blocks will be erected. Buildings such as villas, residences, hotels, shopping malls will not be included in the project. A total population of 15 people is envisaged in the project.

In the archaeological site and in the catchment area

Within the boundaries of the project site, there are old agricultural buildings and buildings belonging to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Istanbul University. There is a 1st degree archaeological site to the east and south of the project area, a 3rd degree archaeological site to the west, and the Bathonea Archaeological Excavation site 500 meters away.

The entire project site is located in the Küçükçekmece Lake catchment area. “2nd Earthquake Zones Map of Turkey”. degree earthquake zones”.

What about 605 trees?

According to the tree inventory made throughout the project site, it was determined that there were 605 trees. The following statement was made about the trees in the introduction file:

“There is no plan for cutting or removing trees. However, in case there are trees in the areas corresponding to the shoring piles or application areas, a company will be agreed and a report will be prepared containing the characteristics of all trees in the project area. The project owner makes an effort to keep the trees in place as much as possible, not to be cut or moved. However, the trees that remain in the regions that will hinder the construction of the project and that have portability will be moved by preparing their places, the detachable ones will be removed and the ones that cannot be moved/disassembled will be cut.”

First contract signed

The rough and fine construction period of the project is planned to be completed within 60 months. The excavation phase is expected to take approximately 3 years.

The project is expected to reach the occupancy stage in mid-2027. The project cost was announced as 3 billion 454 million 362 thousand TL.

It was noted in the introductory file that the parcels will be tendered gradually and the completion period of the project was determined as 5 years. Emlak Konut announced that it signed a contract with Dağ Mimarlık ve Mühendislik on 1 August 1 for the “Firuzköy 26st Stage 2022st Part Revenue Sharing Business in return for the Land Sale” in its statement to the Public Disclosure Platform last August. The contract value was explained as follows: “Total Revenue from Sales for Land Sale: TL, Company Share Revenue Ratio for Land Sale: 35, Total Company Share Revenue for Land Sale: 1.790.250.000 TL”

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