Beam Installation in Çayırova Turgut Özal Bridge Has Been Done

Beam Erection Has Been Made in Cayirova Turgut Ozal Bridge
Beam Installation in Çayırova Turgut Özal Bridge Has Been Done

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which adds comfort to the lives of citizens by building new roads and bridges throughout the city, continues its transportation projects that will ease the urban traffic with alternative solutions. In this context, an important production took place in the 'Turgut Özal Bridge Replication and Road Construction' project designed by the Metropolitan in Çayırova district. Accordingly, the teams carried out the beam assembly of the additional bridge built right next to the Turgut Özal Bridge, which is located on the TEM Connection Road in Çayırova district and allows vehicles to pass on an important route. With the construction of a second bridge next to the one-lane round-trip bridge in its current state, it is aimed to relieve the traffic in the region. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality teams, working nonstop in the Turgut Özal Bridge Replica and Road Construction business, will breathe through the entrance and exit to the district with the additional bridge project.


Another important threshold has been passed within the scope of the works carried out by the teams of the Department of Science Affairs with an intense work tempo. 32 beams of 20 meters in length were placed on the three legs of the additional bridge, the construction of which was completely completed. After the beam assembly, slab concrete will be poured on the floor and insulation will be manufactured. When the project is completed, the bridge will serve the citizens with its 2×2 lanes.


When the project is completed, the road separating the Istanbul-Kocaeli provincial border on Turgut Özal Caddesi will be crossed over the highway with a new additional bridge and reconnected to Turgut Özal Caddesi. Thus, vehicle waiting on the bridge will be prevented and a rapid traffic flow will be ensured. In the Turgut Özal Bridge Replication and Road Construction work, which is planned as two lanes, 2 thousand 195 meters of 2×2 divided road, 284 meters of 1×1 road, 64.70 meters long and 10.75 meters wide span bridges will be built.

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