Bayraktar KIZILELMA Successfully Completed Its First Engine Integration Test

Bayraktar KIZILELMA Successfully Completed Its First Engine Integration Test
Bayraktar KIZILELMA Successfully Completed Its First Engine Integration Test

A critical threshold has been passed in the development process of Bayraktar KIZILELMA, which was developed nationally and originally by Baykar and will serve as the first unmanned fighter aircraft of our country. The first Engine Integration Test with Bayraktar KIZILELMA's first prototype was successfully completed. Announcing the development on his official Twitter account, Baykar Technology Leader Selçuk Bayraktar said,

“Towards KIZILELMA… Bayraktar KIZILELMA has successfully completed its first engine integration test today.” used the phrases.

First flight in 2023

The testing process of Bayraktar KIZILELMA Unmanned Fighter Plane project, which was developed with Baykar's 20 years of deep technology accumulation and experience, will continue with ground tests. Bayraktar KIZILELMA's first flight is planned to be carried out in 2023.

Landing and take-off capability on short runway ships

Bayraktar KIZILELMA will be a platform that will revolutionize the battlefield with its landing and take-off capability, especially for ships with short runways. Bayraktar KIZILELMA, which has been developed to have the ability to land and take off on short-runway ships such as the TCG Anadolu ship, which Turkey has built and is currently conducting cruise tests, will play an important role in overseas missions thanks to this capability. With this ability, it will take an active role in the protection of the Blue Homeland.

Air combat with aggressive maneuvers

Unlike unmanned aerial vehicles, Bayraktar KIZILELMA, which can perform air-air combat like manned warplanes with aggressive maneuvers, will change the balance on the battlefield with this feature. The unmanned fighter aircraft, which is being developed by Turkish engineers and technicians with the experience gained from Bayraktar TB2 and Bayraktar AKINCI, will also provide effectiveness against air targets with domestic air-air munitions.

Ukraine continues engine deliveries for Bayraktar KIZILELMA

Answering the questions of GDH Digitial at TEKNOFEST 2022, Baykar Technology Technical Manager Selçuk Bayraktar informed that Ukraine continues to deliver the engines for the KIZILELMA Combat Unmanned Aircraft System despite the war. It is planned to use Ukrainian origin AI-25TLT and AI-322F turbofan engines in KIZILELMA. There will be 1 different engine options, 25 AI-322TLT, AI-2F or 322 AI-3F for different needs. A contract was signed with Ukraine for the supply of engines for KIZILELMA.

Source: defenceturk

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