Babadag Paragliding Prices 2022, Reservation and Curiosities

Babadag Paragliding Prices Reservation and Curiosities
Babadag Paragliding Prices 2022, Reservation and Curiosities

The world-famous Fethiye paragliding is the first option for those who want to watch Ölüdeniz from a bird's eye view, enjoy the blue lagoon and learn about the unique geography of the region. More than 100 thousand paragliding flights are carried out every year in Fethiye's Babadağ region, which is considered one of the best paragliding locations in the world.

Babadağ has 4 separate flight runways at different altitudes and winds from different directions, and flights are organized at specified times (09:00-11:00-14:00-16:00), taking into account the wind and weather conditions. Your pilots will make the runway decision according to the weather and wind conditions.

Fethiye Paragliding Prices 2022

There are many companies on the beach or bazaar of Ölüdeniz, but their prices may vary according to the density of tourists. Fethiye Oludeniz Yin Yang Travel paragliding prices are $150. According to the calendar determined in the next step, you will go to Babadağ from Ölüdeniz Beach with Yin Yang Travel vehicles. There is no need for training for paragliding, only your pilot will give you a brief briefing before the flight and answer your questions, if any.

Is Paragliding a Dangerous Activity?

Is paragliding safe? Paragliding, which is a relatively low-risk activity, can only present risks according to the direction and strength of the wind. However, our experienced pilots already control the wind strength and start the flight by looking at the appropriate conditions at the allowed hours.

Photo Shooting on a Paragliding Flight

While paragliding in Ölüdeniz, it is not allowed to bring any electronic device such as a phone and professional camera with you. Because in the past, such equipment is prohibited due to loss or fall and endangerment of passengers. But your paraglider pilot can take selfies with the landscape without putting anyone in danger with the Go Pro, which is already integrated and fixed to the parachute. In this case, photo and video shooting will be subject to an extra fee. You can find up-to-date paragliding prices and photo shooting fees on our website.

When It comes to Paragliding, No Age Limitation

On the other hand, there is a weight limit for paragliding. The maximum weight for paragliding is 100 kg and is valid for both men and women. Children under the age of 5, people who are easily excited, those with chronic diseases (high blood pressure, heart palpitations, panic attacks) and pregnant women are not allowed to paraglide.

Paragliding Time

The average flight time in Babadağ is around 25 minutes per section, but we recommend that you allocate 2-3 hours for paragliding activity with the time of ascent and descent to Babadağ by car.

What to Wear in Paragliding

Sports shoes and sunglasses are always necessary when paragliding. In addition, the decision of whether to wear shorts or trousers is left to the choice of the person who will fly. But don't forget your glasses if you're flying at noon and when the sun is at its strongest.

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