Ankara Fire Brigade stands by the Capitalists with its Renewed Strong Staff

Ankara Fire Brigade With Its Renewed Powerful Staff Next to the People of Baskent
Ankara Fire Brigade stands by the Capitalists with its Renewed Strong Staff

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality; continues its efforts to strengthen the Ankara Fire Brigade, which stands by the people of the Capital at all costs in case of earthquakes, fires, floods and any disasters that may occur.

After the investments made in the last 3 years, Ankara Fire Department started to provide faster and higher quality service 46 hours a day, 1192 days a week, with 231 fire stations, 7 personnel and 24 fully equipped vehicles.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to work for the Ankara Fire Department, which has been neglected for years, to provide faster and higher quality service.

After the investments made in the last 3 years, Ankara Fire Department both strengthened its staff and renewed its vehicle fleet. After these investments, Ankara Fire Department; With a total of 46 personnel and 1192 fully equipped vehicles at 231 stations, it started to provide better quality service 7 hours a day, 24 days a week.


ABB expanded its first job staff staff within the scope of strengthening the Ankara Fire Department. When ABB President Mansur Yavaş took office, 704 of the 400 personnel who served were entitled to retirement, and the average age was 48. First, only 445 firefighters graduated from the fire department were included in the Ankara Fire Department. While the average age dropped to 40, an experienced and dynamic team was formed in the fire department.

In addition to the 30 foam towers, which served as Ankara's only foam tower for 93 years, another foam tower was added to the Ankara Fire Department inventory in 2022. In cooperation with ASO 1nd Region, 2 foam tower was allocated to Ankara Fire Department.


New fire service buildings with state-of-the-art technology were built in order for the Ankara Fire Brigade, whose vehicle fleet and personnel were strengthened, to respond more quickly. New stations were added to Nallıhan, Akyurt, Haymana, Bağlum and Etimesgut with a total cost of 11,5 million liras.

An important step was taken in terms of life safety by including 3 new ladder vehicles and 55 service vehicles, which are critical in firefighting, into the inventory. Since the leading vehicles are important in the war against fire, 24 first response vehicles called "rotfire" were purchased.


ABB launched the Rural Volunteer Firefighting Project to be more effective and faster in firefighting. In project scope; 417 fire tankers were purchased and distributed in order to respond immediately to a possible fire in villages, rural neighborhoods and regions far from the center. Firefighting and tanker driving training were given to 800 citizens for the use of tankers.

K-9 search and rescue dogs, which serve not only Ankara but all of Turkey, make a name for themselves especially with their success in the Elazig earthquake. Rüzgâr, Çakıl and their friends are running from success to success.

For the first time among the fire brigades in Turkey, the underwater and above search and rescue chief, which was established within the Ankara Fire Department, continues its services.

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