Akçaray Breaks All-Time Passenger Record in Kocaeli

Akcaray Breaks All-Time Passenger Record in Kocaeli
Akçaray Breaks All-Time Passenger Record in Kocaeli

Akçaray, which has been carrying passengers more than expected since the day it was opened, has added a new one to its records. By carrying 56 passengers in one day, it broke the passenger transport record of all times since its opening. The trams, which make their journeys quickly, safely and comfortably, transport the citizens to the places they want to go.


Akçaray, which is the address of fast travel away from traffic, has become the first choice of citizens. Akçaray trams, which are cleaned every day until the early hours of the morning for the health of the passengers, also come to the fore in terms of cleanliness.

3000 KM ROAD DAY, 300 TRIP

Trams, which make an average of 3000 km and 300 trips every day, safely transport citizens to their desired destinations. With flights that go down to 5 minutes during peak hours, the waiting level of citizens at the bus stop is minimized. The stations monitored by the control center provide faster transportation by routing additional flights in case of congestion.

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