Pedestrian Priority in Traffic Will Be Drawn to 81 Provinces

Attention Will Be Drawn to Pedestrian Priority in Traffic in the Province
Pedestrian Priority in Traffic Will Be Drawn to 81 Provinces

📩 28/09/2022 14:37

In order to draw attention to the priority of pedestrians in traffic and to increase driver awareness, your Ministry of Interior will simultaneously carry out a campaign across the country on Thursday, September 29 with the slogan "Pedestrians Priority Stance, Respect for Life".

It is aimed to reduce the loss of life caused by traffic accidents by 50 percent.

In line with the target of reducing the loss of life due to traffic accidents by 2030 percent by 50, our Ministry has adopted the motto "Get Better in Traffic Every Year" this year, following the campaigns "Life Priority, Pedestrian Priority", "We are the Watch for Pedestrian Safety" and "Pedestrians are our Red Line" campaigns. In line with the slogan, “Pedestrians Priority Stance, RESPECT FOR LIFE” will continue to raise awareness about pedestrian priority. In this context, conscious pedestrians and drivers of the future will meet with flags at pedestrian crossings between 29:11.00 and 14.00:XNUMX on Thursday, September XNUMX, to draw attention to the priority of pedestrians in traffic.

Pedestrian crossings will be painted red

One of the pedestrian lines at the unlit pedestrian crossings on the main routes will be symbolically painted red as part of the campaign event.

“Pedestrian First” Images Will Be Used

The markings at pedestrian and school crossings across the country will be checked, the ones that do not comply with the standards will be renewed and the missing ones will be completed.

Correct Behavior Models Are Desired to Develop in Drivers

Campaign activities will be organized at schools and pedestrian/school crossings determined by the Ministry of National Education, in line with the campaign, which aims to raise awareness about pedestrian priority in traffic, to increase the attention of drivers by warning them at pedestrian and school crossings, and to develop the right behavior model on drivers by giving pedestrians the first pass in these regions.

The Public Will Be Informed During the Week

Within the framework of the events, the public will be informed by using the campaign contents in the media/media organs, billboards, public institutions and organizations, in the areas where our citizens are concentrated, and in the corporate communication pages, especially on the social media platforms throughout the week.

Comprehensive Participation Will Be Provided in Provinces

Within the scope of the campaign; Governors, district governors, provincial police chiefs, provincial gendarmerie commanders and provincial national education directors, together with institution managers and non-governmental organizations, will participate in awareness activities that will be held simultaneously across 29 provinces between 11.00:14.00 and 81:XNUMX on Thursday, September XNUMX.

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