AFAD: 68 Briquette Houses Built in Syria

AFAD Thousand Briquette Houses Built in Syria
68 Briquette Houses Built in AFAD Syria

Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) announced that 284 of 86 thousand 481 briquette houses, which were designed at 68 different points in Syria, have been completed.

Briquette houses designed in Syria with the support of non-governmental organizations under the coordination of AFAD are being completed rapidly. A post was shared on the social media account of the presidency on the subject.

The following statements were included in the post made by AFAD:

“In line with the instructions of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the briquette house project for our Syrian brothers living in tents under difficult conditions continues rapidly. We would like to thank all our NGOs who have taken responsibility for this path. Good luck to you. Our President, Yunus Sezer, examined the briquette houses built to enable our Syrian brothers, who lost their homes due to the war, to live in more humane conditions. With the support of our NGOs under the coordination of our AFAD Presidency, 284 thousand 86 of 481 thousand 68 briquette houses, which were designed at 713 different points in Syria, were completed. To date, 64 families have settled in the completed briquette houses. Our year-end target is 97 thousand briquettes.”

Günceleme: 22/09/2022 12:10

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