3rd Stage of Skateboard Street Discipline Turkey Championship Completed

Stage of Skateboard Street Discipline Turkish Championship Completed
3rd Stage of Skateboard Street Discipline Turkey Championship Completed

The 3rd stage of the Skateboard Street Discipline Turkey Championship, organized by the Turkish Skateboarding Federation and hosted by the Municipality of Esenyurt, has been completed.

Safa Merve Nalçaçı became the champion of Turkey in the women's category, while Melis Sakaoğlu was the second and Aysel Özgür was the third. it happened. Okan Gökçek won the gold medal in the men's category and became the Turkish Champion. In the same category, Recep Canal came in second and Emre Töre came in third. While the champions received their medals and gifts from Mayor Bozkurt, gifts prepared by the Esenyurt Municipality were given to the athletes who placed in the top 9 in men and in the top 20 in women.

Stating that the young people of Esenyurt will be remembered with good things, President Bozkurt continued as follows:

“This is the biggest skateboard facility on the European Side. We designed it together with the Skateboarding Federation. Our aim; to guide our children and youth to sports, discipline and morality. Therefore, we will be able to achieve this with such facilities. Esenyurt is a district full of energetic young people. We are building facilities for young people to release their energy. I believe that the people of Esenyurt will come to a position to represent Turkey abroad. From here, a few of our students will represent our country together with the Skateboarding Federation. We are very happy. Maybe not a very big investment, but a very important investment”

Thanks to Esenyurt Municipality for their support, Women's Turkey Skateboarding Champion Safa Merve Nalçacı added:

“I am a national skateboarder and a national athlete. First of all, I am very happy. First place made us very proud. As women, we break prejudices. I am very happy for the girls. Our numbers are increasing. We used to have 3 or 4 skateboarders, now 18 skaters performed very well, we got a degree. We have the 2024 Olympic races ahead of us, I hope we get this chance together with the girls.”

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