3. Bornova Book Days Begins

Bornova Book Days Begins
3. Bornova Book Days Begins

The longest and most widely attended book days in Izmir are starting. The event, which will be organized by Bornova Municipality under the name of 'Bornova Municipality 3rd Book Days' in Büyükpark, will bring book lovers together on Friday, September 30 at Bornova Büyükpark. This year, 9 publishing houses, 50 authors and 250 thousand books will meet with readers in the organization, which will continue until 500 October. Visitors will be filled with art with activities including autograph sessions, talks, panels, workshops and colorful stage performances.

Bornova Municipality has completed its preparations for the 2019rd Bornova Book Days, the first of which was realized in 3 with the vision of Bornova, the city of Culture. Many writers will be guests of the event, with names such as CHP Deputy Writer Ali Mahir Basarir and Turkey's first female humorist Mine Kırıkkanat. In addition, a Short Film screening, poetry recital, dance show and concerts of Turkish Classical Music, Turkish Folk Music and Cosmonauts will also be held within the scope of the event. The events will take place in the stages of Homer, one of the famous names of the literary world, who are believed to have lived in Bornova, and the Iliad and Odyssey, which is the name of his book, set up at different points in the park.

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Bornova Mayor Dr. Mustafa İduğ said, “We will bring together valuable authors with readers at the Bornova Book Days, which is held with wide participation and brings together thousands of book lovers from Izmir every year. We will host various cultural and artistic events for 10 days. It is our duty to inculcate the habit of reading books in future generations. We invite all Izmir residents to Bornova.” he said.

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