Circular on Public Security and Traffic Measures to be Taken in the 2022-2023 Academic Year Has Been Published

The Circular on Public Security and Traffic Measures to be Taken in the Education Year has been Published
Circular on Public Security and Traffic Measures to be Taken in the 2022-2023 Academic Year Has Been Published

81 provincial governors by the Ministry of Interior. Public Security/Traffic Measures to be Taken in the 2022-2023 Academic Year sent the notice.

In the circular, in order to ensure that children and young people can continue their education and training in a safe environment in the new education period, keeping them away from terrorist organizations, especially narcotic substances, and narcotic and public order crimes, ensuring that students travel in peace and security, and in and outside the school environment. It was emphasized that it is important to increase the sense of perceived risk of being caught through inspection activities, taking into account the places located in the area, and to prevent traffic accidents by keeping the attention and sensitivity of the bus drivers at the highest level.

In this context, the circular traffic precautions ve general safety and security measures grouped under two headings:

Traffic Measures

  • According to the circular, school bus transportation activities will be carried out regularly and safely with the participation of relevant stakeholders under the chairmanship of the governors and district governors, a meeting will be held before the start of the education period for the operation of school bus vehicles and solving the problems encountered, and the necessary cooperation and coordination will be ensured.
  • Additional measures will be planned in these regions within the framework of risk analysis assessments regarding accidents in school environments.
  • In order to increase the order and safety of transportation activities with school bus vehicles, to reduce possible traffic accidents and to keep the peace and security of all road users, especially students, by keeping the transportation activities under discipline, our Ministry will provide for school bus drivers, guide staff and students in every academic year. trainings will be given, vehicles and employees will be inspected in accordance with the School Bus Vehicles Regulation.
  • All unlit school and pedestrian crossings are directed towards the approach of vehicles in order to warn drivers before pedestrian and school crossings, to slow down to increase their attention and to give pedestrians the first right of way. “pedestrian first” The drawing of the images will be completed immediately, and old and deleted images will be renewed.

General Safety and Security Measures

  • The Ministry of Family and Social Services, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of National Education and Union of Municipalities of Turkey (TBB) have been carrying out the necessary sensitivity in the implementation of the "Cooperation Protocol for Increasing Protective Preventive Services and Measures Regarding the Safety of Educational Processes of Children", which has been carried out since 2019.
  • Under the coordination of the governors and district governors, training programs will be prepared by the experts of the relevant units within the framework of awareness-raising and information activities on "personal security, methods of protection from crime, cyber security and especially the fight against methamphetamine, drugs/stimulants". Participation of school administrators, teachers, NGO representatives, headmen, family members and parents, especially students, will be ensured in these training programs.
  • “School law enforcement officer” who will be stationed in the 1st priority primary, secondary and high schools and 2nd priority secondary and high schools in the police responsibility area, in all other schools “safety training coordinator“will be assigned.
  • In the Gendarmerie responsibility area, there will be patrols (with at least 1 personnel) in the 2st and 3nd priority secondary schools and high schools, and a "safe education coordination officer" in all schools.
  • According to the intensity of the entrance-exit hours of the schools, there will be a "team/patrol" in the schools needed, as well as a "private security guard" in line with the possibilities.
  • A place suitable for the physical structure of the educational institution, where the school law enforcement officer can see the entrance and exit of the school and intervene in sudden events, will be provided by the National Education Directorates in order to function effectively.
  • Considering the security situation and priorities of the provinces, school law enforcement officers will work in official or civilian clothes. Inspections of private security guards in schools will be carried out meticulously by law enforcement units in line with the provisions of the relevant legislation.
  • The operability of security cameras installed in schools will be checked in order to maximize security in schools, especially those with priority degrees, and their integration into the City Security Management System will be completed.
  • In other schools, security camera systems will be completed, starting with the schools allocated to priority degrees, without seeking the condition of being integrated into the system.
  • Derelict buildings and structures that are considered to have a negative impact on the education and training environment will be demolished. Places such as internet cafes and game rooms around the school will be regularly inspected.

Possession and Sale of Alcohol and Cigarettes in Front of Schools will be Prevented

Activities carried out within the scope of the "Siberay Project" implemented by the Ministry will continue with special emphasis on teachers, students and parents.

Accordingly, guidance counselors and classroom teachers will work to prevent risks in order to eliminate the negative effects of games that show excessive competition and violence as normal, that are played in groups in a virtual environment, and that may adversely affect the socio-psychological development of children and young people.

Necessary measures will be taken to prevent the sale, transportation and possession of substances such as alcohol, cigarettes/open cigarettes, tobacco, and other items such as sharps, piercings, and injurers that may cause students to acquire bad habits and lead them to crime in and around the school.

In order to protect students against substance abuse and other harmful habits, in coordination with other institutions, general security practices with children, narcotics, public order and other teams in need in public areas such as bars, coffee houses, cafes, internet lounges, markets, buffets, parks and gardens. and controls will be made.

Motorcycle security teams, narcotims and other teams that are needed will be assigned in front of and around the school. Training programs will be prepared to provide narco-guide training to school administrators, teachers, all school and institution employees and parents working in priority schools.

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