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Would you like to buy a rural property in the Balearic Islands? Now is the right time!


Spain has become the perfect haven for international investors looking to buy a country property for seasonal use.

Regions like the Balearic Islands ended with record sales last year, inviting many sellers to continue putting their properties, especially country properties, on the market. And this year, according to the mortgages taken in the spring, it looks like that will be the case again.

But what procedures are required to be able to purchase rural property as a foreigner? Learn the legal processes in detail. 90% of traders turn to experts who will advise, accompany and carry out all the necessary formalities on their behalf to ensure a smooth transaction.

Bufete Frau, an expert in real estate law in the Balearic Islands, in areas such as Mallorca or Ibiza investment in land

has published a step-by-step guide on what to consider as a European citizen when deciding to do so.

In this case, the initial focus is on the documents needed to determine the condition of the properties and land. In this way, it can be determined whether it can be built as a summer house or whether it will be used directly for agriculture or animal husbandry.

“The first thing we discuss with our clients is that a set of documents is required to support the condition of the property. From the land registry and cadastre information, it is possible to determine where the real estate begins and where it ends, and it can also be learned whether there are existing permits and zoning certificates or electricity, water and natural gas supply, thanks to the zoning information. ”

With this first step, and with a clear reference to the legislation in force in this Autonomous Community at the urban, property and historical level, it is possible to find out whether this is a good deal or, on the contrary, is getting complicated. and may even lead to litigation.

“It's not about looking at ads and checking if it's possible to buy, it's about knowing the inside and outside of the property in question. That's why we offer our services to anyone who wants to buy a property or land in the Balearic Islands to be sure that everything is in order and that there will be no problems. This guarantee is very important so that buyers, especially the Germans, are aware of the agreement and can benefit from it.” law firm.

Checking whether the immovable is encumbrance-free, not mortgaged at the time of title deed, whether there is a right of way, and whether there are electricity, water and gas resources that may need to be changed are just a few of them. measures taken by our experts for the complete assurance of buyers and sellers.

Because the truth is that the chances of selling in the Balearic Islands are high right now.

About the buffet woman

Real Estate Law, Family Office and Golden Visa. These are the three branches in which this boutique law firm excels in providing personalized solutions to any client who trusts their knowledge.

Since opening their office in Mallorca in 1994, they have specialized in offering their services and administrative activities to both the British and German markets, an audience that is increasingly investing in the Spanish islands and needs a reliable team. he could leave the administrative formalities and paperwork to himself.

Currently, the company's co-founder, José Ms. Greenfield-led third-generation attorneys from four offices in the islands (Palma Central, Portals, Pollença and Ibiza) provide care, advice, support and experience to European clients. I want to work and buy real estate in the Spanish Mediterranean islands.

A law graduate specializing in city planning and real estate law and legal advice on investments for foreigners, Mr. Greenfield combines his legal studies with a passion for business and the sea, serving clients in English, German or Italian.

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