What is an Emergency Medical Technician, What Does He Do, How to Become? Emergency Medical Technician Salaries 2022

What is an Emergency Medical Technician What Does He Do How To Become Emergency Medical Technician Salary
What is an Emergency Medical Technician, What Does He Do, How to Become Emergency Medical Technician Salary 2022

An emergency medical technician is the professional title given to a person tasked with answering emergency calls, providing medical services, and transporting patients to healthcare facilities.

What Does an Emergency Medical Technician Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities?

In an emergency, it is very important for the emergency medical technician to respond quickly and provide competent care at the scene. The responsibilities of an emergency medical technician who do a vital job are as follows;

  • To follow the instructions learned during the training and received from the doctors,
  • Administering drugs orally or intravenously,
  • Stabilizing patients for transport,
  • Securing the patient in the ambulance for transportation,
  • Assisting in delivery in case of an emergency birth,
  • To close the wound and stop the bleeding,
  • Providing oxygen support to the patient,
  • Transferring patients to the emergency department of a health institution,
  • To report the accident site observations to the hospital personnel who took over the first aid treatment,
  • Checking equipment, replacing or cleaning used materials after use,
  • Driving the ambulance if needed

What Education Is Required to Become an Emergency Medical Technician?

In order to become an emergency medical technician, it is necessary to graduate from the Emergency Medical Technician branch of Health Vocational High Schools, which provides four-year education.

Features Required for an Emergency Medical Technician

  • Having the physical ability to transport the patient to the ambulance,
  • Demonstrating an empathetic approach that can provide emotional support, especially to patients with life-threatening or mental problems,
  • Being able to adapt to the intense working tempo,
  • Being able to assume active responsibility as a part of the team,
  • Ability to make effective decisions in stressful situations
  • Demonstrate verbal communication skills
  • No military obligation for male candidates; to have fulfilled his duty, to be suspended or to be exempted

Emergency Medical Technician Salaries 2022

As they progress in their careers, the positions they work in and the average salaries of the Emergency Medical Technician are the lowest 5.500 TL, the average 5.630 TL, the highest 7.080 TL.

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