What is a Technology Specialist, What Does He Do, How To Become? Technologist Salaries 2022

Technologist Salary
What is a Technologist, What Does It Do, How to Become a Technologist Salary 2022

Technologist; It is the professional title given to the person responsible for the processes such as need determination, installation, supply, capacity planning, operation, backup and control of the server, computer and data storage systems used in the infrastructure of the companies.

What Does a Technologist Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities?

The duties and responsibilities of the technology specialist, who is responsible for fulfilling the documentation functions in the infrastructure of technological systems, are as follows.

  • Maintaining the system efficiency of the company,
  • Maintaining network and system security,
  • Managing technical management activities such as making performance adjustments after procurement and installation within the computer and data storage system,
  • To ensure that all components in the system work together properly,
  • Troubleshoot problems reported by users, staff,
  • Analyzing and resolving problems,
  • Determining the needs of staff and users,
  • Network design and design,
  • To provide the LAN / WAN infrastructure and network connection of the company,
  • Updating devices such as printers, computers, router switches, telephones, firewalls, personal digital devices and smart phones in company units.

How to Become a Technologist

Persons who want to become a technology expert are required to graduate from departments such as Computer Programming, Computer, Electronics in related vocational high schools, vocational schools or related faculties of universities.

Technologist Salaries 2022

As they progress in their careers, the positions they work in and the average salaries of those working in the position of Technology Specialist are the lowest 5.500 TL, the average 6.780 TL, the highest 9.870 TL.

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