What is Clam, How is it Made? How to Clean Scallops?

What Is Scallops How To Make How To Clean Scallops
What is Scallop, How to Make, How to Clean Scallops

The clam, one of the shellfish, is known as one of the longest living creatures in the world. These crustaceans, which entered the Guinness Book of Records for their long life, can live up to 150 years on average. The high nutritional value of the meat of the clam, whose shells are round and fan-shaped, is always a remarkable feature. It is a common sea creature that can be hunted in Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Turkey, especially in the North Atlantic countries. So, what is a clam, how is it made? How to clean scallops? How to Cook Scallops? Clam Recipes. How to Eat Scallops Where to Buy Scallops? What is the price? Is Scallop Consumption Suitable During Pregnancy?

What is Clam?

Clam is the common name of some bivalvia mollusks. This word is often used to describe species that are only edible and live in infauna form. Infauna species spend most of their lives partially buried in the sand on the ocean floor. Scallops have two equally sized shells and a powerful digging foot, which are connected by a proximal muscle. Scallops do not depend on the substrate (in contrast, oysters and mussels live on the substrate). They also do not live near the bottom. Scallops are dug and used to make scallop soup. Many edible scallops, such as the palourde scallop, are oval or triangular in shape, while solinias (claws) have an elongated parallelepiped shell.

How to Clean Scallops?

  • Care should always be taken when cleaning scallops.
  • Because it has a delicate internal structure, the meaty part inside should not be lost. Before cleaning the scallops, you should wash them with plenty of water.
  • Then, you should clean the small algae or sand residues in the shells of the scallops with the help of a hard brush.
  • In order to open the shell of the scallops, you must use the special oyster knife to open it with the help of a knife, and with this knife, you must gently separate the muscular white part of the scallop from the shell.
  • After removing this edible part of the scallop without breaking it, washing it with plenty of water is sufficient to prepare it for cooking.
  • In addition to baking, frying or sautéing, the consumption of sea creatures that appeal to different tastes in raw form is also very beneficial.

How to Cook Scallops? Scallop Recipes

  • Seal the sea scallops marinated with olive oil, fresh thyme, maldon salt and white pepper by turning them upside down in a hot pan.
  • To prepare tarator sauce; crumble the inside of the stale bread. Mix with the addition of milk, cream, mayonnaise, salt, freshly ground white pepper and garlic puree.
  • Place the edible soil in the shape of three eyes on a serving plate, 1/2 tablespoon each. Add the tarator sauce you prepared on them.
  • Put the sealed sea scallops on these slots and share with your loved ones with mint sauce.

How to Eat Scallops

  • While scallops can be eaten both raw and undercooked, scallops are usually sautéed or baked.
  • High nutritional values as well as being an omega 3 store It is a frequently preferred sea creature.
  • Sea scallops, whose shells are separated with the help of sharp knives, are prepared for dinner by removing the meat inside with the tip of a knife or a spoon.
  • You can throw the shells away if you wish or use them for flavoring and decoration in meals.
  • While scallops are eaten, beverages such as red wine, white wine or cognac are usually consumed with them.
  • The most important trick of fried scallops is to be careful and careful while cleaning and separating them from their shells.
  • Shellfish, which is preferred and much loved because of its delicious and natural structure, as well as its suitability for elegant tables, is a product that is in demand in luxury hotels and restaurants today.
  • While the shelled version is 60 TL per kilo, the unshelled version is sold with prices starting from 80 TL.

Is Scallop Consumption Suitable During Pregnancy?

  • Pregnancy is a sensitive period for the consumption of seafood.
  • In this process, many women want to consult their doctor and eat seafood. Scallops are one of these foods.

We can provide the following information for pregnant women who want to consume scallops:

  • Scallops contain low amounts of mercury.
  • Mercury is a dangerous substance for pregnant women. However, if your doctor allows according to your pregnancy; You can consume a very small amount of scallops during the season.
  • By consuming scallops, which are rich in omega 3 oils, in low amounts during the season, you can get omega for yourself and your baby throughout pregnancy.
  • It is recommended that you get approval from your doctor before consuming it. Your doctor will add scallops to your diet according to the week of pregnancy and its progress.

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