Zafer Yolu Caravan Set out for a Historical Walk

Victory Road Caravan Set out for the Historical Walk
Zafer Yolu Caravan Set out for a Historical Walk

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer As part of the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the liberation of the city, the group that will carry out the Victory and Memorial March from Kocatepe to Izmir said goodbye to Afyon. The President who delivered the Turkish flag to the marching convoy that will keep the spirit of the struggle for independence alive 100 years later. Tunç SoyerExpressing that they are proud of "following the steps of our ancestors leading to victory", he said, "September 9 is not only the salvation of Izmir, but also of Turkey."

The convoy set out for the Victory and Remembrance March, which was organized by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality as part of the 100th anniversary events of the liberation of the city, which will start from Kocatepe and end in Izmir on September 9. Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer He bid farewell to the participants of the 400-kilometer historical walk from the Historical Gas Factory to Afyon. President Soyer will meet with the convoy in Afyon Derecine today.

President at Farewell Tunç SoyerMembers of the Turkish Combat Veterans Association, the representatives of the Turkish War Disabled Veterans Martyrs' Widows and Orphans Association, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality bureaucrats, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Young Izmir volunteer team, athletes in the convoy and many Izmir residents accompanied. President at the Ceremony Tunç Soyer“100 years ago, our ancestors won an extraordinary victory to entrust this heavenly homeland to us. That triumphal journey began 100 years ago. With that victory they won at the cost of their blood and lives, a new state was established, the Republic was established. Our country has become the land of democracy, full independence, freedom and peace. We are proud of our ancestors. Today, we are excited to entrust this unique homeland to future generations. You set off from Izmir today to take the first steps of this tremendous victory. May your path be clear, so that no stone touches your feet," he said.

“It is not possible for everyone to celebrate 100 years”

Stating that they will meet again in Izmir on September 9, President Soyer said, “September 9 is not only the salvation of Izmir, but also the salvation of Turkey. It is the start date of a new giants, the Republic. Celebrating 100 years is not possible for everyone. We are therefore very lucky. We realize the 100th anniversary of our liberation and foundation. That's why we are so proud. I wish you all a good journey, and we will meet with great enthusiasm at Gündoğdu Square on September 9th.

President Soyer entrusted the crescent and star flag to the convoy

President Soyer delivered the Turkish flag, which will be carried along the 400-kilometer historical journey and whose last stop will be the liberation ceremonies to be held in Izmir on September 9, to Siyami Çetin, Member of the Board of the Turkish Mountaineering Federation.

President Soyer will join the Victory Road in Derecine

President Soyer, who will move to Afyon today, will first go to Derecine, which embraced our glorious army before the Great Offensive. The activities within the scope of the Victory and Remembrance March, which will start from Kocatepe and end in Izmir, organized by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, will begin on the evening of August 24 in Derecine, which embraced the Turkish army before the Great Offensive. Inauguration Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer, Izmir National Library Foundation President Ulvi Puğ and Prof. Dr. It will be held with the “Peace and Turkey Conversation” in which Ergün Aybars will participate as a guest. Famous artist Haluk Levent will also take the stage on the same night. After the concert, the group will participate in the 8-kilometer public march to be held in the neighboring Yeşilçiftlik Town, and will spend the night in the tent camp.

Victory Road

The convoy will visit the Şuhut Atatürk House, where Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk shared his final preparations for the Great Attack with his comrades, and on the night of August 25, the historical anniversary of the Great Attack, they will walk on the 14-kilometer Victory Road stretching from Çakırözü village to Kocatepe. . The convoy, which will reach Kocatepe on the road where Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his comrades marched to victory a century ago, will be sent off to İzmir after the commemoration ceremonies to be held in the morning. The main hiking group, consisting of licensed mountaineers, athletes and young volunteers, will reach İzmir in 400 days by walking the 14-kilometer Victory Road, where the struggle for independence is fermented with the enthusiasm of freedom and independence, just like the villages and towns where our ancestors passed.

Independence Days will be celebrated

After visiting the Atatürk House, museum and martyrdom on the route, the team will walk to Dumlupınar and will also participate in the events to be held in Zafertepe, where Mustafa Kemal Pasha heralded the victory of the nation with the order "Armies, Your First Target is the Mediterranean, Forward". After participating in the liberation day celebrations of Banaz, Uşak, Ulubey, Eşme, Kula, Alaşehir, Salihli, Ahmetli, Turgutlu and Kemalpaşa, the last stop of the caravan, which will continue to proceed towards İzmir, is the liberation ceremonies of İzmir to be held on the morning of September 9 at Cumhuriyet Square. will be. The marching group will add the commemorative soil from the Kocatepe, Zafertepe and Dumlupınar martyrdoms to the soil of the Atatürk Monument rising in Cumhuriyet Square.

History talks and music performances

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which will provide logistic support to the convoy with its mobile teams along the line, will organize social and cultural events in the villages where the marchers pass, and experience the joy of liberation and victory with the local people. In the evenings of the camp, history talks and music concerts will be organized to which the villagers will be invited, and children will be presented with story books and Speech.

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