Van Sea Bicycle Festival Started with Colorful Images

Van Sea Bicycle Festival Started with Colorful Images
Van Sea Bicycle Festival Started with Colorful Images

Van Sea Cycling Festival, organized for the fourth time this year by Van Metropolitan Municipality, started with colorful images. More than 3 athletes from 81 countries and 250 cities will pedal 7 kilometers in 450 days for the bike festival, which is considered the best route in Turkey and covers the surroundings of Lake Van.

In order to highlight the values ​​of the Lake Van basin, to say 'Stop' to the pollution of the lake and to contribute to the basin protection action plan and implementation program, the 4th Van Sea Cycling Festival, organized by the Metropolitan Municipality, in cooperation with the Van Lake Activists Association, started at the Van Castle Atatürk Cultural Park. . The 'Van Sea Bicycle Festival', organized with the slogan 'Let Van Lake not be polluted, let it stay blue', aims to draw attention to the pollution in the lake and to raise awareness. In the festival, which is supported by the surrounding municipalities and will last until August 21, approximately 81 athletes from Iran, Italy, Germany and 250 provinces will pedal around the 450-kilometer Lake Van.

Edremit, Gevaş, Reşadiye, Tatvan, Bitlis, Nemrut Crater Lake, Ahlat, Adilcevaz, Erciş, Muradiye, Tusba districts will be visited respectively in the festival, where everyone with good health conditions can participate in the campsites by bike until August 21. Health, safety and technical support will be provided to cyclists on the 450-kilometer road network. Camping areas will be created on the coasts of Gevaş, Reşadiye, Tatvan, Ahlat, Erciş and Tusba.

Esiner Çetin, Deputy Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality, stated that they had a full summer socially and culturally as Van Metropolitan Municipality and said, “We have activities for all segments. We last held the Artos Ultra Sky Marathon, the High Mountain Run of the Turkish Mountaineering Federation, in our Gevaş district. Many of our national and international athletes participated. Today, we are holding the 4th Van Sea Cycling Festival in Van. 250 athletes from various parts of Turkey are participating in this festival. This track is 450 kilometers. In other words, our athletes will tour the entire Van Lake. Our aim here is to contribute to Van Tourism and to support the environmental protection action of Van Lake. We think that this will raise awareness in order to save Van Lake from pollution. From here, I say the following to our fellow citizens of Van; Let's protect Lake Van, let's not pollute our lake." he spoke.

Rahime Çelen, who stated that she came from Eskişehir, stated that she came to Van for the first time and said, “I am a person who travels a lot, but unfortunately I did not have the chance to come to Van. My reason for coming here is not the bike tour. To support the campaign to keep Lake Van clean. I follow the awareness activities on social media and I like it very much. The studies carried out have been carried to international dimensions. Since I love cycling, I wanted to support the campaign by cycling here. I want to complete the tour, but I do not know what we will experience. The geography is different, we will try to adapt and pedal for 7 days. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the organization," he said.

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