TürkTraktör's Premium Brand Case Construction Celebrates Its 180th Anniversary

TurkTraktor's Premium Brand Case Construction Celebrates Anniversary
TürkTraktör's Premium Brand Case Construction Celebrates Its 180th Anniversary

CASE, which is the first manufacturer of the Turkish automotive industry and continues its activities in the field of agricultural mechanization and construction equipment with its 68 years of experience, celebrates its 180th anniversary.

TürkTraktör continues to be assertive with its wide product range in the construction equipment market under the CASE brand. Trusted by construction businesses around the world, which has pioneered changes in the industry since its founding in 1842. kazanFeaturing modern technologies, CASE celebrates its 180th anniversary. Determining its strategies based on sustainability, CASE focuses on four basic priorities with the aim of “Transforming cities, preparing them for the future”. These priorities are; It stands out as reducing the carbon footprint in all operations and products, not compromising occupational safety in the workplace, adopting a circular product design approach and responding to the needs of local communities. Helping its customers to reduce their carbon footprints with the products it develops, CASE also makes a difference with its breakthroughs in sustainable construction. The CASE brand continues to create value in the sector in the field of construction equipment under the umbrella of TürkTraktör in Turkey.

It started to produce CASE brand backhoe loaders in its factory in Ankara. Emphasizing the importance of the 180th anniversary of the CASE brand in this direction, TürkTraktör Heavy Equipment Business Unit Group Manager Boğaç Ertekin said, “Our brand CASE, which was founded with a creative and entrepreneurial spirit in order to develop practical solutions to the difficulties in construction sites, has 1842 years in the journey of our brand, which dates back to 180. is a very important threshold. CASE has changed the industry for 180 years and has gained the trust of construction businesses worldwide. kazanIt pioneers many innovations with instant technologies. Introducing the first backhoe loader in 1957, CASE proves its expertise in this field and its ability to renew itself with the numerous awards it has won with the production of skid steer loaders and wheel loaders for more than fifty years. The solid-based cooperation of Koç Holding, the symbol of trust in our country, and CNH Industrial, one of the world's largest manufacturers of agricultural equipment and construction equipment, is of great importance for the CASE brand in the coming years. As TürkTraktör, we aimed to do the best in the field of construction equipment with the aim of “transforming cities and preparing them for the future”. In the second year of our transition to domestic production, we doubled our backhoe loader sales performance. As of 2022, we observe that there is an increasing interest in demand and sales in general. Combining the 180 years of experience of the CASE brand in the field of construction equipment with the power of TürkTraktör, we will continue to focus on our growth in the Turkish construction equipment market with the products and effective services we will offer to our customers.”

TürkTraktör currently provides sales at approximately 35 points and after-sales service at more than 125 locations in Turkey, specifically for construction equipment. High performance; TürkTraktör, which aims to increase the work efficiency of its customers with low fuel consumption and low usage costs, also provides technical support to its customers both remotely and on site.

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