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Birlik Logistics
Birlik Logistics

International house-to-house shipping services, which are carried out under the name of institutionalism, are carried out with the latest technologies and 100% customer satisfaction is achieved.

International Domestic Shipping Process

All possibilities international house-to-house shipping The international house-to-house transportation process, which is carried out with the lowest costs, is completed without any problems in the company of a professional team.
In the international transportation service, the expert team first makes the necessary checks and prepares a plan so that the goods can be transported without any problems. Then it prepares the necessary documents and submits these documents to the customs agencies. After all these processes, the process of receiving the goods is followed.

You can get the chance to get through the process of moving abroad easily, with international house-to-house relocation services that are always solution-oriented.

International Home Delivery Service Prices

For home or office transport Transport of personal goods from Turkey to Germany services are offered at the lowest prices. There are many different factors that determine the price in international transportation service. The most advantageous prices are determined and presented to you, taking into account many variables such as which country the goods will be taken to, the amount of goods, and the transportation method to be used.

To benefit from international transportation services and to get more detailed information, you can contact the company at any time and get answers to your questions. international movers The company, which makes this difficult process much simpler for you, also provides the necessary support for the transportation of goods from abroad to Turkey.

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