Trainee Air Traffic Controllers Graduated from DHMI Aviation Academy


Trainee Air Traffic Controllers who successfully complete their training at DHMI Aviation Academy are entitled to graduate. kazanwas.

Trainee Air Traffic Controllers, who will work in Air Traffic Control (ATC) units of airports in Turkey, 13th Term Basic Air Traffic Control Course (Square Control / Approach Manual), which started on 2021 August 130 at DHMI Aviation Academy, ended on 5 August 2022. . The theory part of the Basic Air Traffic Control training was successfully completed with the distance education method. Application training continued at Esenboğa Aviation Facilities.

Graduates who successfully completed their education processes were awarded their diplomas at a ceremony held in the Conference Hall of the General Directorate of DHMI.

Speaking at the ceremony, Deputy General Manager Erhan Ümit Ekinci congratulated the graduates who successfully completed the training and wished them success in their duties.

Stating that the basic and in-service trainings of Air Traffic Controllers, carried out by DHMI Aviation Academy with its modern education vision, expert trainers and technological infrastructure opportunities, are carried out with the awareness of the need for the personnel to have all professional qualifications, Deputy General Manager Erhan Ümit Ekinci said, “The Chairman of the Board of Directors, who is out of the city due to his duty. and on behalf of our General Manager Hüseyin Keskin, I greet you all with love. The intensive training process of the Basic Air Traffic Control Course, which started on August 13, 2021, has been completed. 58 Trainee Air Traffic Controllers who have graduated will start to work as Air Traffic Controller, one of the most important professions in the sector. Together with our new colleagues, the number of Air Traffic Control personnel has increased to 2008.”

After the speeches, the diploma ceremony started. The 130th term winner Uğur Küçük Terzi was presented with his diploma by Deputy General Manager Erhan Ümit Ekinci. Elif Naz Aral, second in the 130th term, received her diploma from Erdinç Kahraman, the Chairman of the Board of Inspection. Halil İbrahim Doğan, third in the 130th term, was awarded his diploma by Çiğdem Güvenç, Head of the Human Resources Department.

Heads of Departments, Deputy Heads of Departments and Esenboğa Airport Chief Manager were also present at the ceremony.