New Academic Year Preparations Have Ended

The Preparations for the New Education Year Have Come to an End
New Academic Year Preparations Have Ended

The Ministry of National Education continues its preparations for the new education year, which it started right after the completion of the 2021-2022 academic year, without slowing down.

450 thousand 6 classrooms in the newly constructed and strengthened 766 educational buildings will be opened to the service of students in the 2022-2023 academic year. In addition to these, the Ministry continues the construction of 889 thousand 14 classrooms in 697 new schools and the strengthening works in 3 buildings with 709 thousand 331 classrooms. In addition, the needs of 4 schools for natural gas conversion studies, energy efficiency improvements, roof repair, wet floor renovation, infrastructure that will provide access for the disabled were met.

“We have mobilized all our means to meet our children in modern, technology-compatible schools”

Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer, in his evaluation on the subject, reminded that they started the work in the first week of the summer holiday in order to complete the preparations for the new academic year seamlessly, and said: As the Ministry, we have mobilized all our means to meet An investment of approximately 12 billion liras will be completed before the school bell. Of this, 4,5 billion liras was allocated for the construction of new schools, 2,2 billion liras for repair needs, and 1,5 million liras for the strengthening of our buildings against earthquakes.”

Reminding that 10.000 thousand new kindergartens and 3 thousand new kindergarten classes will be opened within the scope of the 40 Schools in Basic Education Project, Minister Özer stated that 1.400 new kindergartens and 10.100 new nursery classes have been prepared so far for students to take their first steps in their education life. Özer said, “We will have reached our goal by the end of this year. Thus, we will have taken a very important step in pre-school education. We will continue to work to ensure that every child receives pre-school education and to increase equal opportunities in education.” he said.

Within the scope of the project, appropriations were also sent to the provinces for the expenses of the newly opened kindergartens and small repairs and equipment for the equipment and repair of the existing ones, as well as the expenses of primary and secondary schools such as mathematics, science and social studies lesson tools and classroom equipment.

2022 new schools and 2023 new classrooms will be put into service at the beginning of the 198-3 academic year, within the scope of efforts to provide students with earthquake-safe, aesthetic, accessible, technology-friendly, environmentally friendly, modern architecture schools.

It will be strengthened against earthquakes and 2022 thousand 2023 classrooms in 252 schools will be put into service at the beginning of the 3-161 academic year.

Günceleme: 28/08/2022 14:54

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