'Terra Madre Anadolu İzmir' Will Bring the Blessings of Anatolia to the World

Terra Madre Anadolu Izmir Will Bring the Blessings of Anatolia to the World
'Terra Madre Anadolu İzmir' Will Bring the Blessings of Anatolia to the World

This year, İzmir will host the world's largest gastronomy fair, Terra Madre, together with the 91st İzmir International Fair. “Terra Madre Anadolu İzmir” will bring the abundance of Anatolia to the world. Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer, “To make life permanent, we will meet at Izmir's polyphonic, multi-colored and multi-breath abundance table. We invite everyone who has a word to say, a hand to extend and a vaccine to share, to the Terra Madre Anadolu group.”

Terra Madre, which has been held in Turin, Italy since 1986, and covers 160 countries to support small-scale producers under the leadership of Slow Food, will call out to the world this time from İzmir. The world's largest gastronomy fair held in Italy every two years, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç SoyerIn line with the vision of “Another Agriculture is Possible”, implemented in İzmir to reach healthy, good, fair and clean food, it will be held in Turkey for the first time between 2-11 September under the name Terra Madre Anadolu.

We welcome everyone to the Anatolian imece

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerStating that the main reason for organizing this fair is to ensure that every citizen has access to enough and healthy food, he said, “Terra Madre Anadolu is our most important meeting where the phrase “another agriculture is possible” becomes flesh and bone. Stating that Terra Madre Anadolu is not just a flavor fair, it is a collective mind movement that will describe permanent solutions to the climate crisis, energy problem, poverty, drought, food sovereignty, loss of biological diversity and wars. Tunç Soyer“As we stated in our Terra Madre manifesto, in September 2022, we will meet at Izmir's polyphonic, multi-colored and multi-breathed abundance table in order to make life permanent. We invite everyone who has a word to say, a hand to extend and a vaccine to share, to the Terra Madre Anadolu group.”

Small producer will open to the world

Terra Madre Anadolu İzmir will offer very important opportunities not only for İzmir but also for the whole of Turkey. From Europe to America, from Asia Pacific to the Balkans, from Central Asia to Africa, Slow Food associations, Cittaslow representatives, and Terra Madre Anadolu will come to İzmir. From Foça to Arapgir, from Ahlat to Köyceğiz, visitors will get to know slow cities in Turkey, taste the products of small producers and cooperatives, establish business contacts and showcase our agricultural economy in the world. While Terra Madre hosts thousands of local and foreign participants, farmers, shepherds, fishermen and cooperatives established by them from different parts of Anatolia will meet in İzmir and have the chance to offer their products directly to the world market and become an exporter. Events; While the pasture livestock, olive and olive oil, grains and legumes, grapes and dehydrated fruits, which are highlighted in İzmir's agricultural policies, are designed within the framework of better promoting and explaining coastal fisheries with Terra Madre Anadolu İzmir, this narrative will also reveal a strong tourism potential.

It will be an inspiration for everyone

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, in order to ensure the access of citizens to enough and healthy food, to build an agricultural policy that can inspire the local but the whole world. Tunç SoyerThe policy implemented in the city with the vision of “Another Agriculture is Possible” will spread to the world with Terra Madre Anadolu İzmir. The only formula for perpetuating life on earth, which reveals the arithmetic of the relationship we should establish with other beings in nature and with each other, is the phrase “For a wolf, a bird, a tree…” sözcüclerk; Terra Madre Anadolu İzmir will be a source of inspiration for everyone who believes that another world is possible.

It will take 10 days

Terra Madre Anadolu İzmir will be held between 2 – 11 September 2022 in a special area to be created from the entrance of Kültürpark Lausanne Gate. In Terra Madre Anadolu İzmir, where 45 participants from 200 countries, as well as cooperatives, producers' associations, small producers, farmers, shepherds and fishermen will take place, different events, interviews, workshops, workshops and culinary shows will be held for 10 days. Experts will discuss alternative ways to achieve healthy, good, fair and clean food. While producers will have the opportunity to come together and talk about their problems, consumers will have the opportunity to discover the farmer, fisherman and producer behind the products. While the changing food systems are handled holistically, the flavors of the world will meet with the flavors of İzmir and İzmir.

Terra Madre Anadolu Izmir events

Terra Madre Anadolu is in Izmir; Dozens of informative, instructive and awareness-raising events will be held. To the events; scientists, representatives of professional chambers and non-governmental organizations, writers, artists, world-famous chefs, including Michelin-starred ones, and people from many different professional groups will attend. Among the event participants, the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer, İzmir Village-Koop Union President Neptün Soyer and well-known names by the public such as Buket Uzuner, Okan Bayülgen, Sahrap Soysal, Ayhan Sicimoğlu, and Cem Seymen.

People of Izmir will come together at Izmir Sofrasi

On Sunday, September 4, 2022, at 19.30, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyerİzmir Village-Koop Union President Neptün Soyer, Okan Bayülgen, Sahrap Soysal and Danilo Zanna will meet with the people of İzmir at the "İzmir Table" event to be held at the Kitchen Show Stage. The Kitchen Show Stage will also host the world-famous Michelin-Starred Chef Cristina Bowerman at the Italian Consulate Session, and the Aegean Foods event with Ayhan Sicimoğlu and Ahmet Güzelyağdöken.

On Wooden Stage; “Migration and Food”, “The Journey of Wheat to Bread in Adana”, “Slow Fish Lion Fish”, “Traditional Turkish Dishes: Similarities and Differences in Mediterranean Dishes”, “The Universal Journey of Olives”, “Small Scale Producers and Family Businesses”, “ A Plate of Grass Meal”, “Microplastic Problem of Packaged Products (Climate Crisis)” will take place.

At the İzmir Art Garden Conversation Area, "Let's Not Miss Out, Don't Overflow (Food Waste and Zero Waste)", "Wolf, Bird, Wood", "Garden Cauldron", "Eat Grapes, Ask for Your Vineyard", "Let It Come With Abundance", "Let It Come With Its Blessings", “Protection of Humanity”, “The Test of Humanity with Hunger and Thirst”, “Poisons Used in Agriculture and Alternative Applications”, “Heads of Agriculture Departments and Municipalities Free Tribune”, “Slow Food Movement Panel” and “Çömlekçi Ahmet Usta and Hamdi Akatay Rhythm Performance” to do.

On the Kitchen Show Stage; "Izmir Table", "Aegean Dishes", "Slow Fish Lion Fish", "Slow Food Karaburun Ox Meatballs", "Italian Consulate Session", "Antique Food Workshop", PASTAD Workshop, "Aegean Local Tastes" and Izmir Cooks Association Chefs Workshops will be held.

Village Theater performances at Mera İzmir Stage, TED College Creating Shadows of Nature's Shadows Workshop, Mine Pakkaner and American College Children's Compost Workshop, Young Izmir Pantomime, Starfish Social Assistance Association Grass People Workshop, Another School Possible Cooperative Forest School Workshop, Prof. . Dr. With Derya Önder, Betül Kılınçlı, Slow Food Awareness Training for Primary School Children, Jar Month Events, Immigrant Women's Solidarity Association Workshop, and Key Women's Theater show will take place. “Future Chefs” activities and “Children's Workshop with Adana Slow Food” will be held in the Children's Kitchen Workshop Area.

Movies with gastronomy and nature themes at Cinema Here

Entertainment, art and joy are coming to Kültürpark with abundance this year. "Cinema Here", an indispensable part of the cinema world, will be held in İzmir Art Center between 3-11 September with the films "Gastronomy and Nature Themed" in parallel with Terra Madre Anadolu İzmir. The films of Honey Country, We Kidnapped the Goats, The Stubborn, Princess Mononoke, Ulamış Village Theater Documentary, Sideways, Moana, A Handful of Dreams, Salt of the Soil, Breaking the Shell, Loraks and Minari, which are valuable examples of cinema, will meet with art lovers. The Terra Madre Anatolian Flavor Hunt event will also take its participants on a flavor journey with the motto "It's time to pursue this taste for good, clean, fair food all together" and enable them to get to know the Slow Food movement closely.

Exhibitions will meet visitors

In addition, Re – Waste Exhibition in cooperation with the Swedish Consulate & Take Care of Your Garbage Foundation, Terra Madre – Our Real Food Future Exhibition in cooperation with Göztepe Rotary Club and IFOD, Following the Snail Exhibition in collaboration with Fırat Karapınar – Kasım Demir, Beyza Durhan, Nadide Acar The Hive Exhibition with Karaca, the Kurda Kuşa Aşa and the Eye Exhibition with Lalehan Uysal, the Fruit Plate Exhibition, the Water Between Ground and Sky Exhibition with Ayfer Güleç, the Soil Arts Exhibition with the Potter Ahmet Usta and the Slowfood Trakya Hardaliye Exhibition will host the visitors.

In addition to these, coastal fishing activities, City Garden Evenings in Kadifekale and Darağaç, Yeşilova Mound and Klazomenai Tour and Köstem Olive Oil Museum Tour, music concerts, concerts, plastic arts shows will be held.

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